XYZ Gets Juice From Charlex for Ribena

XYZ Studios and Charlex previously partnered with BBDO/NY to create a fully CG spot for Dodge called “Journey”. The results exceeded the expectations of all parties involved. The two companies have come together once again to collaborate on an even more ambitious project.


The spot is “Homecoming,” for Ribena, a popular Australian juice product made from black currants. Again, the parties proved that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Ribena has been doing TVC’s for nearly 50 years. The brief from Grey Advertising and their client GlaxoSmithKline was to bring their well-established 2D characters into the 21st century.


“There were many challenges in the spot,” said XYZ director Tim Kentley. “We had an entire family of distinct characters, intricate landscapes, a highly detailed mother tree, fluid simulations and atmospheric lighting. On top of this, we really had to ensure the story and performance was right.”

Tim worked with XYZ Senior Art Director Auver Cedric Austria to develop the character design, story and landscapes. The rest was executed by Charlex, who wrangled the entire production including modeling, animation, lighting and compositing.


“XYZ does more than just direct a ‘TVC’,” continues Kentley. “What we end up doing is creating a new visual landscape for a client and their product. This is then integrated into motion, print, on-line and across all touch points. It’s a really rewarding level to work at and one that, with Charlex, will only become more powerful.”

Charlex ECD, Alex Weil, agrees. “It was nice to take the techniques we explored during our in-house project ShapeShifter and apply them to an entirely different esthetic. ShapeShifter was dark and moody, Tim’s vision for “Homecoming” was a colorful, light-hearted, natural but stylized world, bathed in warm light. To say that we’re enthusiastic about our partnership with XYZ is an understatement.”

XYZ Studios now shares office space in Charlex’s New York studio.


Creative Credits

Project: Homecoming Spot
Client: Ribena
Agency: Grey Advertising, Melbourne
Executive Creative Director: Ant Shannon
Producer: Jess Smith
Business Director: Claire Marring
Production/Post Company: XYZ Studios
Director: Tim Kentley
Executive Producer: Hamish Macdonald
Production/Post Company: Charlex
Executive Producer: Meredith Machial
Executive Creative Director: Alex Weil
CG Supervisor: Keith McCabe
Senior Producer: Corey Budro
Creative Director: Dade Orgeron
Designer/Art Director: Jodi Terwilliger
Lead Matte Painter/Art Director: Jungeun Kim
Matte Painting: Amy Paskow
Lead Modeling Technical Director: Alex Cheparev
Lead Character Technical Director: Steve Mann
Animation Directors: Anthony Tabtong, Adam Burke
Lighting Director: James Fisher
Lead Lighter: Salar Saleh
Effects: Jonathan Nixon
Modeling : Hung Kit Ma, Han-Chin Lee
Modeling/Texture: Maria Tsaneua
Character Technical Director: Andre Stuppert
Animation: Cesar Kuriyama, John Karian, Anthony Travieso, Carmine Laietta, Jaime Casteneda, John Wilson
Lighting: Cesar Kuriyama, Frank Grecco, John Volny, Keith McMenamy, Thomas Smith, Will Atkin, Jina Lee
Editor: John Zawisha
Assistant Producer: Ben Famiglietti
Music House: Nylon Studios

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