Asylum & Anonymous Create a Collage for Canon USA

The Asylum VFX team, Anonymous’ Andrew Douglas, Grey New York, 10 photographers, 300 football players, and 70,000 photos all aid in creating a picture perfect world for Canon U.S.A., Inc.’s digital camera line.

The creative process was inspired by flipbook animation. The spot created a unique methodology in both live-action and post that used a hardware/software pipeline combination of Canon, Adobe Lightroom, Avid, Final Cut, and Inferno.

This combination of software/hardware packages allowed Asylum to accomplish the comprehensive organization of over 70,000 photos; also allowing a faster final conform of individual photos in the Inferno as the edit was refined.

And with Inferno, Asylum executed the individual photo compositions, color, decay time of underlying photos, and overall look that was set forth in the edit. The resolution of the images provided Canon with a much larger canvas than conventional filmmaking; allowing the final picture to take on an unique and vibrant trail of motion photography using still images in a new way.

About Asylum:

Asylum is a premier visual effects and design company, handling high-profile features, commercials, music videos, and emerging media content for web and mobile platforms. Asylum created the visual effects for such films as Master And Commander: The Far Side Of The World (Academy Award and BAFTA nominated), Moulin Rouge, Minority Report, Phantom Of The Opera, Pirates Of The Caribbean ll & lll, Mel Gibsons’s Apocalypto, Tony Scott’s D?¬¨¬©j?? Vu, Man on Fire & Domino and Ridley Scott’s Black Hawk Down. Asylum has done spot work for brands such as Nike, Sony Playstation, Coke, BMW, Gatorade and Visa.

In addition, Asylum Design has created award winning title and graphic design work for such films as Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, X-Men I & II, The Island, Bad Boys II and XXX.

The Creds:
Client: Canon
Spot Title: Journey
Air Date: May 2008

Agency: Grey, NY
SVP/CD(s): Ari Halper, Stephen Krauss
Art Director: Doug Fallion
EVP/Dir of Content Dev: Nick Childs
VP/EP: James McPherson
AP: Madhuri Sharma

Prod Company: Anonymous Content
Director: Andrew Douglas
DP: Flor Collins
EP: Andy Traines
EP/Head of Commercials: Dave Morrison
Head of Production: Sue Ellen Clair
Producer: Aris McGarry
Production Supervisor: Maggie Lopez

Music: Sacred Noise
Composer: Michael Montes
Music Producer: Jared Schlemovitz Post/Effects: Asylum
Visual Effects Supervisor: Paul O’ Shea
On Set Visual Effects Supervisor: Marc Varisco
Executive Producer: Michael Pardee
Producer: Mark Kurtz
Bidding Producer: Mike Hanley
Associate Producer: Ryan Meredith
Inferno Artist: Miles Essmiller
3D Tracking: Eddie Offerman
Matte Painting: Tim Clark
Texturing: Alexi Steinhauer
Rotoscoping: Junko Schugardt, Chris Cortese, Merlin Carroll

Editorial: Mad River
Editor: Michael Elliot
EP: Laura Relovsky

Telecine: Company 3
Colorist: Stefan Sonnenfeld

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