Jellyfish Pictures Nominated for 2 VES Awards

Inside the Perfect Predator and America: The story of US, were both nominated for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Broadcast Miniseries, Movie or a Special.

This prestigious award honours the very best VFX work produced for broadcast TV from around the world. The awards are voted for by around 1600 VES members (membership is restricted to the very best professionals in the industry).


America: The Story of US (Nutopia / History Channel)
Introduced by Barack Obama, this story of 400 years of American history broke all of the History Channel records and achieved an audience of 5.7 million viewers on its first transmission. The huge ambition and epic nature of the 12 part series relied heavily on CGI and VFX to help tell the stories. It was central to the narrative of the series and was used to show environments transforming, massive migrations, cities building over time, industrial and environmental events and the creation of iconic landmarks.

By using CGI as a linking and narrative device, the viewer can travel through time and space and get a condensed action packed view of American history.

The unique sequences were created by adopting techniques from feature films married with dynamic, sweeping camera moves used in computer games. This created a hybrid narrative device that enables American history to be told in a totally new way.
Jellyfish Pictures and Modus FX worked together on the graphics for Ep 1, 2, 3, 6, 11 & 12

Quote: ‘The first night of the series “America: The Story of Us” has become the highest rated, most-watched special in network history’ Nancy Dubuc, Network President and General Manager, History Channel.


Inside The Perfect Predator (BBC Natural History Unit)
Inside the Perfect Predator reveals the inner alchemy that gives four extraordinary hunters the edge – from the moment they detect their prey through to the vital kill.

When Jellyfish were commissioned to work on this film for the BBC Natural History Unit, the Visual Effects needed to be dynamic and different and yet blend in with stunning live action footage of real sharks, cheetahs, falcons and crocodiles.

The challenge was to deliver shots that couldn’st possibly be achieved through filming, yet make them feel real and integrated. The challenge was also to deliver a number of internal body shots showing the mechanisms that help these animals to be the dynamic killers they are.

This was all a first for the BBC NHU whose brand is strongly associated with high end natural history filming, and mixing CGI generated shots, in a natural yet impactful way was paramount.

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