Hush Create Titles for ‘Paraiso Travel’

For the feature film ‘Paraiso Travel,’ HUSH worked intimately with Columbian director, Simon Brand to create memorable end titling that keeps viewers entertained and in their seats until the last credit rolls. At the film thematic core is love, travel, exploration, heartache and the distorted realities of the ‘American Dream’ for many newcomers looking to make their way in NYC.

HUSH concept revolves around several main characters and their distinct personalities at the most critical moments in the film. The highly-stylized animated collages seamlessly transition one character to the next. Each character representational journey parallels that of the film – both physically and emotionally.

“We concepted, developed, then exaggerated visual personas based on their most enticing attributes. We then stitched all of it together with the thread of travel. We created smooth transitioning from scene to scene, eventually arriving in a figurative representation of New York City. We were able to work closely with Simon, and check out rough cuts in advance to fully understand each character and their journey. We then took a piece of each character persona and integrated it into the titles. We were fortunate to have all the freedom we needed to take the project from concept to completion.” Director David Schwarz.

“Since the film is a multi-faceted journey, it was important for us to replicate that in the end title sequence as the virtual synopsis of the movie. I focused heavily on the 2D and 3D elements while David (Schwarz) focused on the design and creative. We shot all the stills and HD footage in our studio and created virtually everything from scratch as the film was in the rough cut stage, and we only had access to a minimal amount of elements. It was a truly amazing experience and great for the entire HUSH crew. We’sre psyched to have been involved, and are currently ramping up for our next big project for Honda to be unveiled at all the major auto shows later this year.” Director Erik Karasyk.

About HUSH:
HUSH is a New York-based directorial collective led by co-founders/directors Erik Karasyk and David Schwarz. HUSH creates powerful brand-driven stories, award winning design, animation, and VFX for TV commercials, music videos, broadcast, and interactive media channels across all platforms. With over a decade of combined post and production experience at some of the most recognized companies on both coasts, the duo decided to create their own unique, agile full service creative studio.

The HUSH collective has extensive relationships with agencies, brands, record labels, and film/TV studios. HUSH seeks to utilize its directorial talents to reate engaging content from concept to completion.

Film: Paraiso Travel

Production Company: Paraiso Pictures
Director: Simon Brand
Executive Producers: Jonathan Sanger, Ed Elbert, Sarah Black, Jorge Perez, Santiago Diaz, Alex Pereira, Juan Rendon, Isaac Lee

Post Production Company: Hush Studios, NY
Directors: Erik Karasyk, David Schwarz
Designers: Erik Karasyk, David Schwarz, Manny Bernardez
Animators: Emmett Dzeiza, Erik Karasyk, David Schwarz, Manny Bernardez
Photography: Emmett Dzeiza, David Schwarz, Erik Karasyk
Photo Retoucher: Robbie Johnstone

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