‘Hold My Hand’ Celebrates Michael Jackson’s Life

Michael Jackson lives on in an uplifting posthumous music video directed by Mark Pellington at MERGE@Crossroads. From the eerie opening lyrics by MJ himself – “This life don’t last forever” – to the video’s celebratory crescendo, “Hold My Hand” is a celebration of the performer’s vibrant life.

The 3:43 tribute melds archival footage of the King of Pop, the supporting vocals of musical sensation Akon, and a cast picked from diehard MJ fans.


“Mark was able to beautifully capture the range of emotion from loss to pure joy within the musical capsule that is so poignantly driven by this soulful track,” said MERGE@Crossroads EP, Joseph Uliano.


“The video is a tribute to all that Michael stands for – life, in all its permutations… love, and its power… A video of memory, healing and joy,” noted Pellington.

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