The Noodle Van is coming…The Noodle Van is coming!

This year, Pot Noodle decided to not only have a crack at solving Christmas dinner dramas with the launch of their new four minute Roast Turkey and Stuffing flavour “Pot Noeldle” dish, they have also had a crack at spreading a little festive cheer of their own.

AKQA has developed a festive film called, “The Noodle Van Is Here” in the Pot Noodle satirical style. And this time the mighty classic Christmas ads get the treatment. Tipping their hat to all the celebrated Christmas marketing campaigns and clichés out there, AKQA has created a tongue in cheek ‘winter warmer’ – minus the fluffiness and glorified perfection and complete with popular culture references from the year that was 2010.

The 1 minute 15 second online animation shows a nation enchanted by the arrival of a boldly lit Pot Noodle van which delivers a four minute “Pot Noeldle” Christmas dinner to a cosy British family home. As the Noodle van soars through town streets, people can’t help but stop their activities and get in to the festive spirit of things.


Marketing Manager, Tom Denyard says: “Following on from the our successful Guinness ‘Tipping Pot’ spoof, which re-staged the famous domino effect advert first made famous by Guinness, we have once again taken inspiration from the UK advertising market place, but this time re-packaged a much loved and reassuringly familiar Christmas feeling.

“In our own unmistakable style we are championing “Pot Noeldle” this Christmas and putting the 4 minute wonder at the heart of the British family home. “The Noodle Van Is Here” shows that Christmas isn’st really about the perfection that big brands sell to us each year, it is about getting together, having fun and eliminating festive stresses where possible!”


James Hilton, Chief Creative Officer, added, “AKQA has always been about creating great products, and Pot Noeldle is another fantastic example. It used to be that agencies helped their clients develop products, not just sell them, so being able to do both for our clients is very exciting. It also shows that amazing work can be created without big budgets.”

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