Mr. Wonderful Creates Show Open for “Bridezillas”

To usher in the new season of the popular reality series, “Bridezillas,” WE tv turned to the design & animation talent of Mr. Wonderful for a new show open and graphics package.

The show open is a stylized animation exploring how weddings can turn blushing brides into Bridezillas. It seems all is going well for the bride and her beau on their wedding day until the rain clouds move in, revealing a glitzy updated “Bridezillas” logo.

“Damien [Henderson] and his team at Mr. Wonderful did a fantastic job of bringing our creative vision to life,” says Danielle Ostroske, WE tv producer. “It was a great collaboration, and the new graphics are the perfect fit for our signature series, Bridezillas.”

For Mr. Wonderful, this was an opportunity to revamp the look for the opening of the highest rated series on WE tv, now in its 5th season. To explore the two sides of the brides featured on the show, from the sweet to the dictatorial, Mr. Wonderful created a bride that was pretty and stylish, even when throwing a tantrum, and built scenarios that would allude to the drama inherent in most weddings.

“WE tv came to us about creating a new look to the open, which would also touch on certain storylines such as interacting with future-in-laws,” explains Damien Henderson, Mr. Wonderful Executive Producer. “We wanted to rethink this completely, to give it a fresh updated look. We also wanted a cohesive narrative that illustrates what’s to come in the show.”

“The open tells the story of the bride’s battle and journey to get to the pinnacle of her day only to have storm clouds move in and zap into the show logo,” adds Beirne Lowry, Mr. Wonderful Creative Director. “We wanted the bride to come out as the hero, Lara Croft-style, battling all the pitfalls that putting on a big event can bring. Along with the cast of characters we came up with, the tanned in-laws from the sunny south, the doting florist and pastry chef, and the clueless groom, we added the iconic white doves, which serve as the bride’s little helpers and were also used as graphic motivators for the lower third graphics.”

The ambitious and design-intensive package for “Bridezillas” reaffirms Mr. Wonderful’s capabilities to act as both a conceptual agency and design company.

“WE tv let us run with a very bold and stylized geometric graphic look,” concludes Lowry. “It was nice to have that level of trust given to us by the client to re-brand one of their most popular and iconic shows. We had a great time working with the WE creative team on bringing the characters and stories to life.”


Client: WE tv
Producer: Danielle Ostroske

Design & Animation Company: Mr. Wonderful
Creative Director: Beirne Lowry
Executive Producer: Damien Henderson
Lead Designer/Animator: Tim Haldeen
Designer Animators: Joe Boylan, George Sepulveda
Producer: Laurie Duke

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