Ralph Lauren 4D Experience

MPC joined forces with UVA and Drive to create a bespoke 4D building projection to launch Ralph Lauren new collection onto their store facades in London and New York – a collision of fashion, art and technology.

The 7-minute film was projected onto the Ralph Lauren buildings in Bond Street, London and Madison Avenue, New York. MPC created content for the film, integrating Ralph Lauren collection with the striking cg visuals and live action footage to be mapped to fit both buildings. A team of 12 spent 5 days modeling and animating the CG assets in Maya and compositing these and the live action elements together using Nuke.


This live event showcased exciting visual and creative content, displaying innovative and immersive ‘artwork’ on an architectural canvas. A musical score from Paul Hartnoll (Orbital) has been written exclusively for the screening. The film was projected using three 4K projectors in London and NYC on 10th November 2010.

Bonus Material: Behind The Scenes


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