Superfad Is Warm & Fuzzy for Netflix

Netflix is a tale of charm and curmudgeon, friendship and family, classic and contemporary. To produce a fitting pastiche, Superfad went to animation’s roots and used traditional cel animation to bring the spot’s furry stars to life.

In the Superfad studio excitement was palpable as an animation table replaced a computer station. The hand drawn animation was then given the modern touch and merged seamlessly with the live action footage.


The result is a spot that is a nod to beloved films of yore with a of the moment message: whenever and wherever you want to watch films, Netflix has streaming content to please everyone…and even charm the mildly cynical.



Agency: Goodby Silverstein and Partners
Group Creative Director: Jim Elliott
Producer: Cathleen Kisich
Art Director: Chris Logan
Copywriter: John Wolanske

Animation Production Company: Superfad
Creative Director: Justin Leibow
Executive Producer: Kevin Batten
Head of Production: Darren Jaffe
Senior Art Director: Rich Scurry
Producer: Danielle Hazan
Editor: Erik Barnes
Main Character Design: Thomas Paul Thesen
Storyboards/In-betweener: Aaron Sowd
Lead Animator: Frans Vischer
Key Clean Up/Lead Animator: Debra Armstrong Matte Painter: Joe Kennedy Flash Animator: Tim Burlingame 2D effects: Phillip Vigil
Compositor: Carlos Florez
Flame Finish: Matthew Lydecker

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