Rhinofx’s Blue Light Shines on For Kmart

Rhinofx’s original 3D animated character Mr. Bluelight, the aptly named blue light bulb, continues to star in Kmart stores and television spots across the country. The charming and playful Kmart spokesman has been helping customers examine merchandise and scour stores for deals across broadcast spots and Kmart’s website.

The long line of :15 and :30 spots began airing in May 2007 and have evolved into the ongoing Blue Spotlight program, a multi-platform campaign in which the luminous icon uses print, TV, and web to highlight the stores’ best products and bargains.

rhinofx’s ability to deliver the production quality and bandwidth for these projects is a direct result of their significant growth and access to a deeper and more talented resource pool.

The Work
With new in-store sales every two weeks, the ongoing success of Mr. Bluelight as Kmart’s newest brand spokesperson, and the intricate nature of the animation, rhinofx has developed an efficient system and dedicated staff to handle the production pipeline.

Creative/Animation Director Harry Dorrington notes, “Each spot involves significant creative and production resources, including pre-vis, character sketches, behavior mapping, 3D modeling, rigging, lighting, and fully integrating the animated elements with props, live-action, and voice-over. It is a really major process and the output is a testament to the talented team we have put together to execute on the original vision.”

Mr. Bluelight is now starring on television spots, in Kmart stores nationwide, and across the web. In addition to this recent iconic brand spokesman, rhinofx has completed similar animated characters for Fruit of the Loom, Juicy Juice, Vise-Grip, and Ruby for ATI Technologies. Each project involved starting with a blank canvas and developing characters that truly connect with the different nature of each brand’s audience.

About rhinofx
Since its launch in 2000, rhinofx has created award-winning visual effects, design, and animation for commercials, VFX for feature films, episodic television, webisodic mini-series, and videogame cinematics. The company’s principals and artists have also led the industry’s exploration into the boundless potential of branded digital content. By cultivating extensive relationships with key brands, advertising agencies, and film/TV studios, rhinofx utilizes its creative directors and artists to develop and execute powerful branded entertainment to build both identity and awareness.

Project Team
Karen Bianca Bisignano – Senior Producer
Goran Ognjanovie – Senior Animator
P. Jasmine Katatihkarn – Lead Lighter
Brian DiNoto – Modeler
Chris DiFiore – Lead Composite Artist
Marc Steinberg – Editor

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