Framestore Scores A Blinder For New FIFA 11

Framestore has worked alongside director Johnny Green and W+K Amsterdam for the anticipated launch of the new FIFA 11 game from EA Sports. EA Sports host teams of global football stars and their mates, high on competitive spirit, battling it out in a vast virtual stadium.

Directed by Johnny Green, the spot is an effects-laden affair covering two-minutes, 130 VFX shots and nine edits. Jonathan Hairman supervised the shoot, overcoming the dual challenges of a vast convention centre combined with a limited amount of time with each star to capture essential shoot data and readable tracking markers.

The entire stadium was built in CG as believably contemporary architecture with the screen as its focal point. Framestore also designed a photoreal crest for each team and thanks to the gyrosphere camera, painstakingly painted out rigs from every single shot.


Additionally to help the momentum of the camera moves, Framestore created digital whip pans to help join shots but also help link opposing teams in terms of story telling. These whip pans consisted of the CG stadium with intricate graphic design elements created in flame.

With the exception of some 16mm footage, the workflow was entirely tapeless; data was taken straight from the set ready for AVID, conform and DI, as crafted by our very own Dave Ludlam.


Framestore has been working in digital film and video for over 20 years now, creating original and astonishing work that has helped make it the largest visual effects and computer animation studio in Europe.

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