Virgin Atlantic Win ‘It Factor’ With MPC

Virgin Atlantic has launched its latest advertising spot, created by RKCR/Y&R and directed by Traktor, to promote the airline ‘it’s factor’. The 90 second TV and cinema spot has been produced by Jody Allison at RKCR/Y&R and David Stewart at Partizan, MPC provided the post including a comprehensive pre-viz, extensive compositing and environment work.

The effect in the X-Ray scene was achieved by dressing the talent in mesh clothing, and colour inverting the plates in Flame.

Apart from numerous environmental elements, CG was used to create all the featured planes, mostly notably the full-frame shots with the crew standing on the wing. Also of note are the melting ice-cream girl, Gherkin building, disco ball, martini glass, and cloud layers.

Paul Harrison added the master grade.

The 90 sec commercial and cut-downs will be on air in the UK from 1st October.

Directors: Traktor
Agency: RKCR/Y&R
Agency Producer: Jody Allison
Creatives: Pip and Chris
Production Company: Partizan
Production Company Producer: David Stewart
Production Company Producer Manager: Mags Millen
DOP: Stephen Blackman
Editor: Rick Russell @ Final Cut

Post Production: MPC
VFX Lead: Rob Walker and Tim Civil
VFX team: James Adamson, Anthony Bloor, Tim Civil, Russell Etheridge, Bruno Fukomothi, Liam Griffin, Robert Hesketh, Richard Hopkins, Kamen Markov, Mikael Petterrsson, Nidhi Seth, Charlotte Tyson, Rob Walker, Byron Woofendon
Telecine: Paul Harrison


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