Cut + Run Edit Skunk Anansie’s ‘Ugly Boy’

The riveting, destructive and very sexy video for Skunk Anansie’s latest release ‘Ugly Boy’ was directed by Paul Street (Streetlight Films) with snappy editing by James Rose at Cut+Run.

This edgy music video opens with alluring visuals of Skunk Anansie’s lead singer Skin as she navigates her way to her vintage BMW for a spin in a derelict multi story car park. Skin may have a penchant for rebellious driving and love affairs with ugly boys in this video, but one can’t help but become mesmerized by the cinematic effect of making the grimy glamorous.

Here, Skin drives along while her boyfriend’s sleazy infidelities are played out on the backseat. It’s a fetish for the obscure combined with the violent temperament of the editorial tone that makes this video unique and compelling.

(Click here to view ‘Ugly’ Boy music video)

Directed by Paul Street (Streetlight Films) it is a rare diversion into promos from his usual commercial work: “I’ve been a fan of the bands work for a long time,” says Street. ” I connected to the Ugly Boy track immediately – the idea and images for the video came right out of the lyrics. – very quickly and subconsciously.”

Adrian Harrison, Executive Producer of Streetlight says: “I’m absolutely thrilled with Paul’s Skunk Anansie video as it was a challenge to pull off but a big credit to all who were involved in the making of it.”

Record Label: v2 Benelux
Commissioner: Paul McKee
Director: Paul Street (Streetlight Films)
Producers: Julia Guignabel & Adam Frisch
Editor: James Rose, Cut + Run


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