Charlize Theron Saves Brandon Flowers in Crossfire

The Killers’s frontman, Brandon Flowers, has stepped out on his own for a new album titled ?‚àö√ë‚àö‚â§Flamingo’s. Brandon turned to Director Nash Edgerton and The Mill LA for the video, starring Charlize Theron to accompany his track ‘Crossfire’.

A former stuntman, Nash was very in tune with the environment and used his background skills to create the filmic piece. Unlike most directors’s treatments, Nash produced an edited version of the video starring friends to use in pre-production. He even had one of his bearded friends starring as Charlize sexy character.

The video puts Charlize in the role of savior, fighting sword-wielding Ninjas. The main effects application was rig removal from all the various production stunts. Lead Flame Artist Andy Bate worked to remove heads, animate flying ninja star weapons, detonate and rebuild windows and paint flames, amongst other effects.

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Andy was very pleased with the result, adding ‘It was a fantastic job. Nash is a really dedicated director and his stuntman background make the experience an incredible collaboration.’

The Mill is a world-leading visual effects company with bases in London and New York and now Los Angeles. The Mill has worked on some of the most memorable visual effects projects in the world, including Ridley Scott ?‚àö√ë‚àö‚â§Gladiator’s for which it gained a VFX Oscar, and has won more awards for visual effects than any other facility in Europe.

Artist: Brandon Flowers
Track: Crossfire
Production Company: The Directors Bureau
Record Company: Island Def Jam Music Group
Director: Nash Edgerton
Exec Producer: Lana Kim
Producer: Lawrence Lewis/Anke Thommen
Director of Photography: Morgan Susser
Editor: Nash Edgerton
Editorial Assistant: Sitha San
Post-Production: The Mill Los Angeles
Producer: Lee Pavey
Lead Flame Artist: Andy Bate



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