New VFXTalk Challenge – Create a Crowd!

The third challenge in the fourth series of the VFXTalk Challenges is now live! The new task will test the crowd duplication skills of the VFXTalk community. So read on! and then follow the link below to the full challenge details in the VFX Challenge forum.

Film viewers will be transported to the very edge of their seats if engaged by an exciting crowd scene during a movie. A crowd can be compelling and will create the spine tingling atmosphere of epic cinematic moments.

In a ‘Mexican wave’ towards memorable scenes from the likes of blockbusters Gladiator and Invictus; VFXChallenge VFX403 will require you to test your crowd duplication skills. In the third challenge of the series VFXTalk wants you to ‘rent a crowd’ and ensure that excited people are jumping in their seats.

Your crowd can be watching a sporting contest, rock concert, alien gladiatorial battle or a historical joust if you like; but the focus of this challenge is on the crowd and not on the event within the arena. You have free reign to show us as much or as little of the stadium and performance as you wish.

You can introduce 2D or 3D elements, modify the video footage we supply and use your matte painting talent to bring this all to life. Use your crowd duplication skills to create a seamless believable audience and bring on the stadium atmosphere!

Follow this link to ‘VFX403 – Create A Crowd and Make An Epic’ for all the details! Submissions start today!

VFXChallenge VFX403

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