Nathan Love Animate New Characters For Baskin-Robbins

World-class animation studio Nathan Love continues its successful collaboration with advertising agency 22squared, bringing two new animated broadcast spots to life for Baskin-Robbins’ nationwide summer advertising campaign. For August, the campaign welcomes two new characters: Barry Baaa, a long-faced sheep that loves blowing bubbles with Baskin-Robbins’ August Flavor of the Month, Pink Bubblegum ice cream, and Olive Ostrich, a playful bird who’s ecstatic about Baskin-Robbins’ birthday cakes.

For each character, Nathan Love’s art department created genuinely unique looks and personalities, and the animators added the life and soul, creating adorably personable creatures. Barry Baaa debuted widely on U.S. television and cable media outlets on August 3; on August 8, it was declared the top ad for all demographics for the first week of August by Ace Metrix(TM), the industry standard in television advertising analytics.

“This campaign has been an amazing validation for our studio, showcasing our ability to turn highly creative projects around quickly, and proving that we are ready for anything,” said Joe Burrascano, Nathan Love’s owner and creative director. “Our goal of preparing the studio for feature films and creating original content is becoming more of a reality every day. We’re extremely grateful to 22squared and Baskin-Robbins for involving us in this high-profile campaign. The spots have been attracting lots of positive attention, and we can’t wait to roll this success into our next project.”

The crew at Nathan Love designed and directed the entire campaign in SD and 1080 HD. Their tools for the spots included a combination of Adobe Creative Suite and Autodesk Maya for the animation, and The Foundry’s Nuke compositing software for finishing. Each campaign spot also features Drew Skinner’s original music and sound designs.

Click here to watch all the Baskin-Robbins characters.

“These spots were created with Baskin-Robbins’ primary mission ?‚àö√ë‚àö¬® to provide a full range of quality ice cream and cake products in a fun, inviting environment ?‚àö√ë‚àö¬® in mind,” added John Stapleton, 22squared’s chief creative director. “With this team of animated characters, we were able to communicate Baskin-Robbins’ mission in a way as innovative and enthusiastic as their flavor catalog and fans.”

About Nathan Love
Break out the crayons and beer, because Nathan Love is ready to play! This world-class animation studio is known for creating memorable characters, detailed worlds and engaging narratives, making it a party and inviting your whole crew. Driven by a passion for storytelling, their creative, technical and production capabilities are constantly evolving.

Equally at home creating sensational 2D and 3D animation, the studio’s talents span all aspects of project creation and production. They are creators of commercial campaigns, original films, super-fun web content, video game projects, merchandise and more. Besides their extraordinary craftsmanship Nathan Love is also fun and inviting to work with, enjoying daily collaborations with leading creatives, live-action and CGI directors, sound designers, composers, web developers and other artists.

About 22squared
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