Lego World Cup from The Core

Lego was a project to show off The Core full range of capabilities as a creative production studio. Impressive modeling, well-executed animation and gorgeous renders set to an over-the-top audio score are perfectly in tune with the fun and excitement that was experienced during the World Cup.

‘We want our clients and potential clients to experience quality 3D character animation that fun and playful, but also professional – a direct reflection of our attitude as The Core,’ says Chad Feeback, Executive Producer/Partner.

For Creative Director/Director Chris Hoffman, the concept was inspired by his childhood in Zimbabwe where Legos were among his favorite toys – and soccer was a popular pastime. ‘The Lego figure is a worldwide phenomenon enjoyed by many people in many countries, and so is the sport of soccer. I felt that the Lego was the perfect character for this World Cup piece.’

(Click here to view Lego spot)

It took the small team of artists over two weeks of pulling late nights and weekends to complete the spot. Hoffman credits the artists for investing their time and passion into the project, which was a labor of love – and one that everyone was proud to be a part of.

Hoffman concludes, ‘We hope audiences will feel the personal touch of this spot. It tells the story of how the underdog prevails through pure determination and heart. This was an opportunity to show how The Core, a well-respected and growing boutique studio, is capable of doing the A-level work that clients expect from larger companies.’


Production Company : The Core / Los Angeles, CA / USA
Director : Chris Hoffman
Executive Producer : Chad Feeback
Lead Character Animator : Ian Mankowski
Modeling : Wendy Klein
Lighting : Chris Barischoff
3D Animators : Mike Cahill, Tom Gurney, Jeffrey Engle, Alex O’sDonnell
Color and Compositing : Chris Hoffman, Alex Yoon
Production : Chris Emerson
Sound : 740 Sound Design


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