Monkey Head Are Pushing Boundaries For Red Bull

The award-winning motion design and production company, Monkeyhead is excited to announce their latest TV show package for Red Bull entitled ‘Pushing Boundaries’. Monkeyhead founder and creative director, Josh Sahley, was approached by the long-time client to create a new opening for their action sports show. ‘They wanted us to bring new life to it. They wanted us to find a unique way to house footage, but not be a typical editorial show open.’ Sahley, known for always finding ways to push their projects creatively, was up for the challenge.

So, how exactly was this achieved? ‘We hit the boards hard and explored multiple options. We did a few more straight forward boards at first, but came up with this surreal idea for the open that seemed interesting and different to us,’ states Sahley.

‘We tried to give each section a world to live in. We made a Red Rock off road world that is covered in dirt bikes and ATV’s. We then made a city world that had skateboarding and street racing elements. Lastly, was a snow world that housed snowboards and skis. After those, the main logo section housed all of the worlds together with extreme acrobat racing planes going throughout it.’ Seems easy enough, right?

With just over a month to execute the open, they of course ran into their challenges. ‘Finding clever ways to get from each designated world took some thinking. The boards didn’t have all the transitions, just the overall feel for the areas, so we were exploring different approaches throughout the process,’ according to Sahley.

(Click here to view the Pushing Boundaries tv show package)

However, that didn’st slow the crew down. ‘We utilized our new Boxx Renderboxx render farm for this project. With that, and Smedge, linking all of our Mac’s and PC’s to make one full farm, we were able to push the project further then we would have with time restraints and last second changes.’

In the end, the outcome was a success. ‘We couldn’t have done the project without our amazing designers and animators. I feel lucky to work with such a fun and talented team everyday.’ And it shows – Leaving Monkeyhead with some very happy clients. ‘They gave us room to really explore and find a good balance for the project,’ expressed Sahley. Which seemed to be the perfect solution for both ends. Simply put, ‘They loved it.’

About Monkeyhead
Monkeyhead was launched in Santa Monica, California, in 2006 by well known Los Angeles motion design artist and creative director Josh Sahley. Monkeyhead continues to evolve its style in delivering groundbreaking commercial spots, broadcast show packages, branded entertainment, movie/TV titles and visual effects sequences.


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