Zoic Creates Teaser for Return of Twisted Metal

Sony Computer Entertainment reached out to Zoic Studios to produce a compelling live-action teaser trailer to launch the return of Twisted Metal in what proved to be the ultimate E3 surprise. The trailer, which was met with enthusiasm from the gaming industry and fans, marked the directing debut for Zoic Studios’ Levi Ahmu, who worked in collaboration with Executive Creative Director Chris Jones on the project.

Featuring a verbal throw-down between classic past and thrill seeking present, personified as taxi drivers, the trailer also includes the return of the maniacal Sweet Tooth. The trailer’s narrative respects the provenance of the title with a wicked wink and nod to what will come with the new release in 2011. The presentation stood out from other E3 offerings with its cinematic tone and pacing.

“We approached the project with a predominantly live-action treatment to give it an unexpected twist and sense of mystery,” comments Director Ahmu. “It was exciting working on something that truly surprised viewers and helped to usher in a new era of a legendary game.”

Click here to view teaser.

Zoic Editorial’s Senior Editor Dmitri Gueer says the challenge editorially “was establishing a gritty, hard-hitting pacing aimed at keeping the audience on edge throughout the trailer. We wanted people to feel uneasy with an eerie premonition that something bad, really bad, is about to go down. I realized that the only way to achieve this was by intentionally cutting away to long shots in places where traditionally you would never do it, and juxtaposing shots that run just a tad long with shots that are cut a touch too soon. I am extremely grateful to our Sony client for giving me the opportunity to edit such a monumental project.”

Zoic Studios
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Client: Sony Computer Entertainment
Creative Director: Scott Campbell
Creative Director: Dave Jaffe
Video Producer: Michael Brynteson
Video Producer: Gary Barth
Game Producer: Chad Cox
Game Producer: William Ullman
Game Producer: Zach Wood
Marketing Manager: Scott McCarthy

Production and VFX: Zoic Studios
Executive Creative Director: Chris Jones Executive Producer: Erik Press Creative Director: Loni Peristere Creative Director/VFX Supervisor: Leslie Ekker VFX Supervisor / 3D Supervisor: Andy Wilkoff VFX Producer: Erin Hicke VFX Coordinator: Laura Jones

Editorial Company: Zoic Editorial
Editor: Dmitri Gueer


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