Superfad is Light on its Feet With Adidas

Superfad was recently approached by 180 Amsterdam to create a vibrant 45-second online video to showcase the new adidas F50 football boot, which is exceptionally lightweight and styled with a beautiful two-tone skin.

The concept was to highlight the boot’s design within the setting of a light tunnel. According to Superfad Director Clayton McDermott: “The challenge was to create a spot that not only provided the viewer with a comprehensive overall view of the exterior design and the technology that lies within, but one that also conveyed the incredible speed and maneuverability that the new F50’s design affords the player.”

Accordingly, Superfad’s introduced subtle & abstract stadium elements throughout the spot which allowed freedom to create some beautiful product shots of the boot flying through a stream of light trails, and the opportunity to see the boot in situ, doing the job it was created for – playing football.

To keep the look of the spot consistent, Superfad came up with the concept of having the F50 boot interact with a football made up of the light streams that appear throughout the spot. Playing with various speed ramps and bullet time effects gives the viewer time to fully appreciate the boot’s design, while reinforcing the exceptional speed its lightweight design gives the player.

The spot is further brought to life by the incredible sound design provided by Resonate Studios, which brought to life the edits and created a soundscape that heightens the overall mood of the piece.

Click here to view the commercial.

Agency: 180 Amsterdam
Producer: Josie Tucker
Senior Creative: Daniel Brooks
Creative Director: Todd Bois
Executive Creative Director: Andy Fackrell

Production Company: Superfad
Creative Director: Adam Parry
Director: Clayton McDermott
3D: Jerome Haupert, Rodi Kaya, Anders Freij, Tobias Meier, Weles Bussett, Maelys Faget
Compositors: Richard Frazer & Ian Sargent

Sound Studio: Resonate Studios


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