DETOX Launch With Brilliant Henson Campaign

DETOX, a brand-new hybrid production boutique in New York, has officially launched. Headed by Founder/Creative Director Barney Miller, alongside experienced industry pros Andy Hollander, Co-Creative Director, Rachelle Way, Head of Production, and Alice Mintzer, Creative Development, DETOX features a roster of top creative and emerging talent whose professional backgrounds span the spectrum of production and post.

DETOX’s services include live-action production, graphics packaging, CGI and animation. The hybrid production company is equipped to execute integrated campaigns including commercials, viral and web, as well as music videos.

DETOX has already wrapped up production on several commercials and music videos, including a hilarious integrated campaign via Hofstetter + Partners/Agency212 for Henson Alternative’s “Stuffed and Unstrung,” the extraordinary live puppet show unleashing Henson Puppeteers for adult-only audiences. The campaign, featuring both broadcast and web spots, began airing on March 7, 2010. Directed by Barney Miller, the spots are currently making a buzz on viral charts and airwaves alike, garnering critical praise including recent honors as Creativity’s “Pick of the Day.”

Mike Rovner, Creative Director, Hofstetter + Partners/Agency212, remarks: “Working with DETOX on the [Henson Alternative] campaign was a dream. I haven’t met a better, happier EP than Rachelle Way, and Barney, who already has his share of hilarious moments as a cutter, is about to explode as a comedy director.”

“What I’m bringing to the production industry comes from a creative editorial standpoint,” says Miller, best known as a premiere commercial & music video editor and co-founder of Company X Edit. “My career in post, along with years of experience directing, informs the workflow of DETOX.”

Four directors comprise the inaugural DETOX roster: Barney Miller, Bruce Ashley and Terence Ziegler, with recently signed talent Aaron Brown rounding out the company’s core creative team. DETOX is currently ramping up its roster, with more director signings to be announced in the coming months.

DETOX’s experienced and proven core team has worked on an array of smart brands including Coke, VW, Dasani, American Express, Kohl’s, Wal-Mart, Colgate, and Ralph Lauren; feature films, including “Waitress” and “Serious Moonlight;” in the music realm, projects and music videos for Elvis Costello, Bruce Springsteen, Lenny Kravitz, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and, most recently, the music video for the Oscar scoring theme song from “Crazy Heart.”

DETOX opens with a mission to elevate the production standard for agencies and clients, while accommodating budgets without compromising the creative. With its core creative team heavily rooted in virtually every aspect of postproduction, DETOX offers an innovative workflow with unrivaled production value, especially in light of today’s economic realities.

“We have the know-how and talent to materialize client ideas, and the foresight to eliminate hiccups in production, which ultimately saves our clients money,” comments Miller. “Too often, with the traditional production model, waste and compartmentalization restrict creative capabilities. We have the antidote.”

Reflecting on Henson Alternative, Rovner attests to the DETOX production model: “Whenever I have a tough challenge, or just want to have a blast working on really great creative content — with no headaches — there’s probably only one place to go now. Everyone at DETOX takes incredible care of your concept from the moment they get on board: they coddle it, caress it, and make it sing by the time you’re in color correct.”

Miller proudly adds, “We shot the [Henson] broadcast spot and all the virals in one day without having to rush. We knew exactly how to shoot, making the transition to post seamless and free of technical challenges.”

Additionally, DETOX bolsters its “under-one-roof” model via strategic partnerships with NYC-based allies Company X Edit, Sugarbox Studios and Shout It Out Loud Music. The combination of these creative forces offers clients the incentive of an ultra-tailored approach to the entire scope of content creation: from shooting to post, color correction, CGI & effects, finishing, music, sound design and mixing.

Miller concludes: “Having worked with some of the industry’s best directors as an editor and, through the years, directing numerous projects, DETOX is truly a natural evolution of my experience on both sides of the spectrum. When production works in tandem with post, everything goes smoother and, ultimately, the creative works.”

Meet the Principals of DETOX:
Barney Miller, Founder/Creative Director, DETOX: As co-founder of Company X Edit, Barney has been editing award-winning spots for close to twenty years. Some of the brands he has worked on include VW, American Express, Coca-Cola, Sprite, McDonald’s, Avon, and AT&T. His directing experience includes major label music videos, commercials, shorts films, and various animation projects.

Andy Hollander, Co-Creative Director, DETOX: Andy has been composing scores for feature films for the last 10 years, including the hit film “Waitress” and, most recently, the Meg Ryan film “Serious Moonlight.” He has written and/or produced tracks for Your Vegas, David Johansen, and White Rabbits among others. He opened Sugarbox Studios in 2006 and is now a partner/composer with Shout It Out Loud Music, where he’s worked on numerous national campaigns including American Express, Quaker, Verizon, and the 2008 You Vote Campaign.

Rachelle Way, Head of Production, DETOX: Rachelle served as Executive Producer for Company X Edit from 2003 to 2009, where she helped build a small boutique shop into one of New York’s most robust editorial houses. Rachelle previously worked at RhinoEdit and Plum Productions in Los Angeles. Additionally, Rachelle is active in the commercial production community, serving as President of the NY Chapter of AICE and Treasurer of the International AICE Board.

Alice Mintzer, Creative Development, DETOX: Alice spent 10 years as an Executive Producer at Ogilvy where she was in charge of the American Express account, before becoming a freelance consultant. Prior to that, Alice was a Senior Producer at Lowe & Partners. In addition to DETOX, Alice is currently developing a TV series.

DETOX Director Reels:
Barney Miller

Bruce Ashley

Terence Ziegler

Aaron Brown

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