Shotgun and Tweak Release Integrated Production Tracking and Playback Tools

Shotgun Software and Tweak Software today released an integration package for seamless interoperation of their VFX and animation production tools, Shotgun and RV. The combined solutions make it fast and easy for studios to track, organize, play, and review their work.

This integration provides one-click viewing of media in RV right out of Shotgun, and provides Shotgun-aware tools inside of the RV player. “I was an early adopter of both Shotgun and RV and used them successfully on a feature animation project. I always thought it would be great to have the tools work together, but now that they are integrated, the result is even better than I imagined. Once you can easily compare versions of a shot in RV directly from Shotgun, or automatically launch a shot in context of its neighboring shots, you can’t go back and work the old way,” said Stephane Deverly, C.T.O, Duran Duboi.

Tweak Software is the developer of RV, the next generation image and sequence viewer for VFX and animation artists. Shotgun Software develops Shotgun, a flexible and scalable web-based project management system designed for digital production studios. Both products have been adopted by leading studios around the world.

‘The big shops have invested millions of dollars to build seamless pipelines. Tweak and Shotgun are working together to bring the same level of polished integration to everyone else.’ said Seth Rosenthal, Co-founder of Tweak.

‘When you study the daily workflow of artists, supervisors and production staff, it becomes clear there should be no discernable separation between production tracking and review’, said Don Parker, Co-Founder and CEO of Shotgun Software. ‘We teamed up with Tweak to solve this issue for our clients, and we are thrilled with the results.’

‘Shotgun is the backbone of our production tracking system. Together with RV integration, our artists will now be able to play back media from within the Shotgun interface giving faster and easier access to clips than ever before,’ said Mike Romey, Pipeline Supervisor, Zoic Studios.

Key features of Shotgun+RV integration include:

?Ä¢ Move quickly from navigating tracking data in Shotgun to viewing or comparing one or more clips in RV.
?Ä¢ Launch Shotgun-aware playback from anywhere in the pipeline (from within Shotgun, via links in email, IM/Chat, todo lists, web pages, etc.)
?Ä¢ Deep link into Shotgun from RV to view metadata or create notes
?Ä¢ Update playlists in RV to use the latest cut data from editorial
?Ä¢ Load neighboring shots to see shots in context of the cut
?Ä¢ Display Shotgun metadata from right in the RV player
?Ä¢ Swap in high-res frames, QuickTime movies, or alternate media
?Ä¢ Easily Trim or reveal handles and slates

The new integration module will be provided at no additional cost to users of both products. Users can try out the new features by using a fully functional demo database and matching media package. Watch a video tour of the new features and sign up for a free evaluation here:

About Shotgun Software
Shotgun Software was founded in 2006 by a group of visual effects professionals to build production tracking and pipeline solutions. The founding members worked together on a major studio animated feature, and are developing Shotgun to fill the mounting industry need for a commercially viable system for efficiently managing increasingly complex digital production projects. Shotgun is actively developing the system in close collaboration with more than 100 industry studios, including Digital Domain, Framestore, Dr. D, and Zoic Studios.

About Tweak Software

San Francisco, CA-based Tweak Software was founded in 2007 to develop tools that address real-world production needs of VFX and animation professionals. The Tweak partners are Jim Hourihan, Seth Rosenthal and Alan Trombla. Jim Hourihan is the recipient of two Sci-Tech Academy Awards and is best known for developing Dynamation, the first commercial particle system that was subsequently incorporated into Autodesk Maya software. Hourihan, Rosenthal and Trombla spent many years at Industrial Light and Magic where they developed many tools and techniques still in use at the facility today.


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