Brand New School Take Subway To Foreign Lands

Proving the old-fashioned American jingle hasn’t gone sour, Subway’s beefed up its infectious $5 footlong ditty with two new spots served fresh by bicoastal directing collective Brand New School.

Their wholesome recipe included an award-winning Bollywood choreographer, a skilled team of CG gelatin-dessert artists, 500 pounds of sand and a bona fide Norwyptian.

Brand New School worked closely with advertising agency MMB to create these entertaining spots that crossed oceans and centuries on this most Excellent Adventure.

From the sun-bleached desert of ancient Egypt to the dusty study of a Victorian inspector-extraordinaire to the palace courtyards of India, these colorful vignettes prove you don’t have to be a slumdog millionaire to eat fresh.

About Brand New School
With offices in New York and Los Angeles, Brand New School is a bicoastal directing collective working in all fields of commercial art. Ever evolving, the studio continues to cultivate a sense of wonder and exploration.

For its artists and clients alike, BNS represents an opportunity to play at work, to conduct experiments in image-making, and to feed the inspiration that drives the industry.

Project Name: Subway “Bollywood” and “Egypt”
Film Location: East of Hollywood, Brooklyn, NY
Toolset: RED One Digital Cinema Camera; Adobe Creative Suite; Autodesk Maya; Autodesk Flame.

Advertising Agency: MMB
City/State: Boston
Partners/Creative Directors: Jamie Mambro, Jerry Cronin
President/Creative Director: Fred Bertino
Managing Partner: Chad Caufield
Management Supervisor: Matt Fallon
Jr. Art Director: Rachel Buckstein
Jr. Copywriter: Elizabeth Giuggio
Agency Producer: Mike Michaud
Director of Broadcast: Sara Ventetuolo

Production Company: Brand New School
City/State: Bicoastal, USA
Directors: Eric Adolfsen, Mario Stipinovich
Art Director: Mike Calvert
Creative Director: Jonathan Notaro
Managing Director: Danny Rosenbloom
Head of Production: Devin Brook
Cinematographer: Pat Notaro
Line Producer: David Wolfson
Post Producer: Steve Holiner
VFX Supervisor: Vadim Turchin
Designers: Kristen Basile, Scott Cohn, Kim Dulaney, George Fuentes, Ryanne Kim,Doug Lee, Alex Moors, Chris Palazzo, Emeric Trahand
Storyboard Artist: Ed Traquino, Brian Wilcox
CG Lead/Technical Director: Vadim Turchin
3D Animation: John Kalaigian
3D Modeling: Adam Rosenzweig
3D Lighting: Mirelle Underwood
2D Animation: Tim Regan
Rotoscoping: Joe Brigati, Leslie Chung, Sergei Martirosov
Lead Flame Artist: Aska Otake
Flame Artist: Pete Amante, Dino Tsaousis
Editor: Sam Goetz
Assistant Editor: Matt Torti
Production Coordinator: Ilona Klaver


Brand New School website
The Darnell Works Agency

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