Blind Continues Bright House Relationship

Blind Creative Director Tom Koh, working closely with Fry Hammond Barr, finished a colorful four-spot campaign promoting Bright House Networks’ various TV, phone and Internet packages. The collection of :30s is the latest project in an ongoing relationship between Fry Hammond Barr/Bright House and Blind, who worked on a similar campaign last year.

“Bright House and FHB gave us carte blanche to see where we could take these spots, which reflects the trust Blind built with the work on our previous campaign,” noted Blind EP Nick Litwinko. “The campaign was hugely popular and Bright House felt that they had a lot of creative equity built up with Blind that they didn’t want to lose. Tom really came through on the spots, creating entirely new and unique worlds even though he was designing for the exact same products and services that he had promoted for Bright House before.”

Koh, who is fresh off designing a highly acclaimed promo for Showtime’s hit series United States of Tara, flashes his creative and technical expertise once again in the Bright House campaign, creating a series of vibrant, 100-percent CG worlds populated with found objects that represent the sheer mass of surprising and interesting entertainment available online and on TV. Koh uses stark white backdrops to accentuate the bright color palettes that invigorate each spot and a wildly diverse array of geometric shapes and designs to make each world feel like something that could be practically created by hand.

Dirt Bike Box features a cube that opens to reveal myriad colorful worlds within, including dirt bikers racing through an obstacle course and an undersea world overrun with origami-inspired sea creatures. Triple Customer Promise Board stars on a flat-screen monitor that perpetually rotates to new cartoonish scenes, from a laser-firing space battle to a soccer field in which the players slide along tracks in finest foosball fashion.

Race Car Bundle focuses on a book that unfolds to reveal vibrant worlds – from an auto race track to a miniature city to a soaring mountain environment – that spring from the pages like those from a children’s pop-up story. Phone Plus RR again features a rotating cube, which reveals a world of 2D and 3D cutout characters roaming the streets and neighborhoods in search of adventure.

“I wanted to highlight the products by creating worlds that would come to life from the screen or the products themselves,” Koh stated. “At the same time, Bright House wanted to simplify the campaign and give each spot a close resemblance to the others, so the challenge was to create spots that were at once unique on their own and cohesive as a unit. Time was tight, but with the models we had left over from the first campaign, along with the expertise we had gathered in creating them, we were able to knock it out.”

Blind, a multi-disciplinary design, motion graphics, animation, visual effects, live-action, editorial, print and broadcast design studio with offices in Santa Monica and NYC, taps into diverse intellectual and creative resources to come up with compelling results. Since 1995, Blind has been pushing beyond the expected, offering clients a new way to see with award-winning design. A few things remain constant amidst this design/production powerhouse’s constant drive to reinvent itself: the abilities to engender surprise and produce projects from conception to reality.

Blind’s creative team has built an uncommon level of respect in the advertising and entertainment communities via cutting-edge campaigns for brands such as Xbox, Showtime, Bright House Networks, DirecTV, OppenheimerFunds, McDonald’s, Scion, and recording artists including Gnarls Barkley, The Raveonettes and Justin Timberlake to name a few.

Client: Bright House Networks
Spots Title: “Dirt Bike Box- TV Plus RR” “Triple Customer Promise Board” “Race Car Bundle-Triple Quality HD” “Phone Plus RR”
Air Date: January 2010

Agency: Fry Hammond Barr
Art Director: Sean Brunson
CD: John Logan
Agency Producer: Jessica Correnti

Design/VFX/Animation: Blind
Creative Director: Tom Koh
Illustrator: Tom Koh
Designer(s): Steve Pacheco, Matthew Encina, Satomi Nagata, Tom Koh
3D Animator(s): Matthew Encina, Daniel Chang, Penny Zee Nederlander, Alan Torres
Compositor(s): Tom Koh, Matthew Encina, Daniel Chang, Alan Torres
EP: Nick Litwinko
Head of Production: Amy Knerl
Producer: Keith Bryant

Editorial: Blind
Editor: Tom Koh
Assistant Editor: Lin Wilde

Music: Killer Tracks

Sound Design: Sweet Audio
Sound Designer: Randy Mease


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