UVPHACTORY Creates 3D Stereoscopic Music Video

UVPHACTORY has designed and directed a brand new, 3D stereoscopic music video, ‘Drown in the Now.’ This video comes on the heels of the worldwide success of Icelandic singer-songwriter Bjork pioneering, multi-award winning ‘Wanderlust’, the 3D stereoscopic music video on which the magicians at UVPHACTORY flexed their considerable CG muscles. The 4:30 video was created by UVPH new division, UVPH 3D.

The video is based on the song ‘Drown in the Now’ featuring Matisyahu, from The Crystal Method 2009 album “Divided by Night” (Tiny e Records/INgrooves). The Crystal Method is a Grammy Award winning electronic music duo comprised of Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland. The album ‘Divided by Night’ has been nominated for a Grammy Award in the Best Electronic/Dance Album category. The 52nd Annual Grammy Awards are slated to air 8pm/ET, January 31st, on CBS.

After the music video for Bjork ‘Wanderlust’ established UVPH expertise in the 3D stereoscopic arena, there was a surge of inquiries for both commercial and feature effects work. To handle anticipated work flow, UVPHACTORY, an award winning motion design, visual effects and production boutique, launched UVPH 3D. The Crystal Method ‘Drown in the Now’ is the division’s first project.

‘We have always taken pride in positioning ourselves at the forefront of technology. After our successful venture with ?‚àö√ë‚àö‚â§Wanderlust’s, we thought The Crystal Method was an ideal choice to further demonstrate UVPH 3D stereoscopic talents. With ‘Avatar’ making such a splash, we are being approached about future projects and feel that we are uniquely qualified to succeed in this market,’ stated, Scott Sindorf, Co-Founder of UVPH.

Drown In The Now – 3D version.

UVPH 3D Stereoscopic Producer Dimitris Athos explained, ‘Drown in the Now’ presented UVPH 3D with a number of creative and technical challenges. ‘With the video for Bjork ‘Wanderlust’,UVPHACTORY had to create a new workflow in order to output the necessary files. For the Crystal Method project, UVPH 3D was presented with numerous software and hardware challenges.

Although new plug-ins and software have been coming out consistently over the last few months, we are still at the infancy of digital 3D stereoscopic tools for post production. We used some elements developed from the ‘Wanderlust’ process, adjusted existing software, and adapted this into our workflow pipeline. At UVPH we enjoy pushing the creative envelope and finding solutions to the challenges presented. Until the release of Avatar’s, UVPH 3D was an oddity in NYC, fusing 3D stereo and live-action with 3D stereo animation. That has now turned from a curiosity into an advantage.’

The Crystal Method Ken Jordan added, ‘I think ‘Drown in the Now’ is clearly our best video to date. It was great working with UVPHACTORY and I love watching this clip. Now, I can’t wait to strap on a pair of 3D glasses and have a whole new experience.”

Two versions of the music video were created: a 2D version which The Crystal Method commissioned to promote their single, ‘Drown in the Now’, and the 3D stereoscopic experience, created by UVPH principals Scott Sindorf and Damijan Saccio, with the blessings of the band. The 3D stereoscopic version was designed and is available for various stereoscopic formats including iPhone, 3D TV, 3D Blu-Ray, theatrical DCP, etc.

The 3D music video has already garnered interest from museums, art galleries, and film festivals worldwide. Select segments from ‘Drown in the Now’ recently enjoyed a sneak preview at the Museum of Natural History in New York, before the New York Stereoscopic Society, of which producer Dimitris Athos is a longtime member. A broadcast premiere for the upcoming 3D networks has not yet been finalized.

Utilized in the completion of this video were Apple Computers with Boot Camp, OSX, Windows, Boxx Computers, Bell Computers, Adobe Creative Suite, Autodesk Softimage, and a variety of UVPH plug-ins for the final renders.

On January 22nd, UVPH 3D aligned with Spatial View (Toronto) in order to preview the first-ever glasses-free 3D music video, for the iPhone, ‘Drown in the Now’. Dimitris Athos stated, “Glasses free 3D Autostereoscopic – adds another tool to our 3D stereo pallet. Our 3D delivery capabilities now range from iPhone to IMAX.’ After UVPH 3D created the video in stereo 3D, Spatial View adapted it for use with a mobile iPhone and iPod accessory with lenticular technology, the 3DeeSlide.

Drown In The Now – 2D Version.

UVPHACTORY is an award-winning motion design, visual effects and production company. UVPH is known for its creative work for film, television, music videos and art installations. Since the company formation in 2000, UVPH has attracted a diverse client base including Adobe, AOL, AT&T, BET, Coca-Cola, ESPN, FOX Sports, General Electric, HBO, IBM, IFC, Johnson & Johnson, MTV, NBC, Syfy, Showtime, USA, VH1, WE Network, and Xerox, among others. For more information, or to see a reel, email [email protected].

About Spatial View
Spatial View, Inc. (SVI) is a pioneer in stereoscopic 3D image processing and auto-stereoscopic displays. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Spatial View has offices in San Francisco and Dresden. The company makes the 3D experience accessible, affordable, versatile, and inspiring. Spatial View provides software, services and devices for the creation, adaptation, printing and viewing of stereo 3D content on PC and mobile devices.

About The Crystal Method (TCM)
Heralded by the Village Voice as “one of the best live dance acts on Earth,”
The Crystal Method (Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland) have been known over the last ten-plus years for their enduring dance floor anthems (‘Now Is The Time,’ ‘Keep Hope Alive’), airwave smashes (‘Trip Like I Do’), a willingness to collaborate with an array of talent – including rock’s elite, like Scott Weiland, Filter’s Richard Patrick, New Order’s Peter Hook and Matisyahu, just to name a few. The duo has dominated the remix, film soundtrack, television, gaming and advertising worlds. Their platinum-status debut album ‘Vegas’ (released in 1997) is one of the biggest selling electronic albums of all time, landing them in the top five of best-selling electronic acts in America. They scored the film ‘London’ as well as the themes for TV shows ‘Bones’ and ‘Third Watch’ and were the first act to work with Nike for their running soundtrack series, but it’s ‘Divided By Night,’ their Grammy-nominated 2009 studio album, that takes TCM to all new heights.

The Crystal Method ‘Drown in the Now’, featuring Matisyah
A music video by UVPHACTORY/Scott Sindorf, Damijan Saccio

3D Stereoscopic Unit
3D Stereoscopic Producer: Dimitris Athos
3D Stereoscopic Compositing Lead: John Stanch
3D Stereoscopic Consultant/Supervisor: Jarmila Seflova
3D Stereoscopic Animators: Sue Jang and San Charoenchai
3D Stereoscopic Compositors: David Frank, Madhura Krishnan and Matthias Schilder
3D Stereoscopic Compositing and Titles: John H. Lee
3D Stereoscopic Compositor Consultant: Dan Ostrov

Music Video/2D
Label: Tiny E Records
Management: 3 Artist Management
Executive Producer: Sheira Rees-Davies

A music video by UVPHACTORY/Scott Sindorf and Damijan Saccio
Directors: Alexandre Moors and Jessica Brillhart
Producer: Brian Welsh
3D Lead: Sue Jang
Compositing Lead: John Stanch
Art Direction: Alexandre Moors
Editor: Jessica Brillhart
Director of Photography: Brian O’Carroll
3D Animators: Scott Sindorf, Ali Asghar, San Charoenchai and Ajit Menon
2D Animators: Marco Valentin and Jason Salo
Technical Direction: Damijan Saccio
Production Coordinator: Lauren Simpson
Commissioner: Sheira Rees-Davies
Shot at Bravo Studio NYC
Music clearance courtesy of Three AM managment

‘Drown in the Now’ (featuring Matisyahu)
Written by: The Crystal Method and Matisyahu
Vocals engineered by: David Kahne

Published by: Lap Dance Music (ASCAP), Why Do You Care Music (BMI), Moshiach Now / Songs of Razor and Tie (ASCAP)

Matisyahu appears courtesy of Epic Records.

Special Thanks:
Three AM Management
Geoff Barnett
Richard Bishop
The Crystal Method
Scott Lang
Greg Dinkins
New York Stereoscopic Society
Dolby Production Services New York
Robert Luttrell
Arnie Schlissel
Heavy Light Digital
Jessica Josell

Running time: 4:30 min


(Disclaimer: iPhone and iPod Touch are trademarks of Apple Inc. Spatial View and 3DeeSlide are registered trademarks of Spatial View Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.)

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