FrostFX Creates Exploding Dynamit Spot

Over the past couple of years, the Estonian visual effects industry has witnessed the evolution of a world-class boutique studio in the heart of the country scenic capital Tallinn. Co-founded by four talented artists, FrostFX has become the go-to facility for the most demanding clients representing nationally renowned brands.

One of their recent projects involved the direction and production of a full-CG spot promoting a new flavour for an energy drink fused with natural juices. The clip serves as a good example of the consistent quality of FrostFX productions as it was completed in only four weeks after the agency approached the studio.

The spot centers around a fruit bomb explosion and is enhanced by slow-motion simulation of the
flying fruit pieces and juice. The incident takes place in a harsh warehouse environment conveying
edginess and suspense. The spot begins with the lights flickering on to reveal a fruit-coated
explosive with a quickly burning fuse.

The establishing shot is followed by eerie close-ups of the fruit and the sparkling fuse, driving a sense of tension. In the following shot the bomb goes off and the frame is filled with a juicy fruit explosion that rapidly slows down to reveal the finer details of the fruit concoction. The spot culminates with a quick rewind that depicts the fruit cloud imploding into the bottle of featured energy juice.

Frost FX was founded by CD/VFX Supervisor Marko Post, CD/VFX Supervisor Heiki Luts, Producer Raino Mardo and Lighting Developer Andres Kluge. The backgrounds of the four founding members range from civil engineering to Asian culture studies; the variety of sources of inspiration is reflected by the company unique portfolio.

FrostFX continues to expand by adding to its exceptional talent base. With some of the country
best VFX artists already on board, FrostFX is bound to make a lasting impression with clients
nationally as well as internationally.

Client: A Le Coq
Spot Title: Dynamit Juice
Air Date: November 2009
Agency: Taevas
Creative Director: Jaanus Vahtra
Project Manager: Maike Iida
Art Director: Helen Vetik
Copywriter: Karl Saluveer
Production Company: FrostFX
Creative Director/Director: Marko Post
Project Manager: Raino Mardo
CG Supervisor/TD: Marko Post
3D Modeling: Anton Toomere, Henno Luts
3D Animation: Henno Luts, Anton Toomere
3D Simulation: Marko Post, Henno Luts
3D Texturing: Anton Toomere
3D Lighting: Andres Kluge
Nuke Compositing: Andres Kluge, Marko Post
Additional filming: Heiki Luts
Original music: Sten-Kristjan Saluveer
Audio Mix: Orbital Studios


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