Cut + Run Make The Finals For Coke

Another great new spot for Coke edited by Cut + Run for Wieden + Kennedy and director Daniel Kleinman; with visual effects created by Moving Picture Company.

The commercial, titled ‘Finals’, opens with a young man lying asleep at his bedroom desk, exhausted after long hours of revision. A digital alarm clock shows that time is running dangerously close to the start of his 11.30 am History exam.

Historical characters suddenly emerge from the pages of the history study books lying around him, and attempt to wake him up using various forms of miniature weaponry. Finally Da Vinci arrives in a flying machine sporting a length of rope and a grapple hook. With the help of the armies below, they manage to open a bottle of Coca Cola that is standing near to the students head.

The noise wakes him up and he drinks from the bottle and heads for the door. We are once more reminded of the irresistible sound we hear when opening a Coke. The commercial was launched mid January 2010.

About Cut+Run
Cut+Run is a boutique editorial company with locations in Los Angeles, New York, and London. The award-winning shop features a diverse roster of talented editors who contribute their vision and skill to commercials, film and music videos. With an emphasis on client service, Cut+Run operates under a ‘borderless’ philosophy making its editors available to work anywhere. Editors can also cut on set wherever projects are shot.

About MPC
The Moving Picture Company (MPC) is a world leading post production facility creating high-end digital visual effects and computer animation for the feature film, advertising, music and television industries. A wholly owned subsidiary of Technicolor, MPC is based in Soho – London, Santa Monica – CA and Yale town – Vancouver. The facilities are centrally located, networked and have a dedicated digital infrastructure designed and built for our future.

About Widen + Kennedy
Wieden+Kennedy is an independent, creatively led advertising agency that creates strong and provocative relationships between good companies and their consumers. Wieden+Kennedy has helped create some of the strongest brands in the world and, in the process made clients like Nike, ESPN and Miller High Life a part of popular culture.

About Daniel Kleinman
Daniel Kleinman is a commercials director. He has won the top awards for his advertising work at Cannes, D&AD, the New York One Show, BTAA, Clio, Creative Circle, Midsummer Awards and many others. He has been recognised as the number one most awarded director in the world in the Gunn Report. He has received the Presidents award from the Creative Circle and the Chairman award from the BTAA and has been rated number one in Campaign list of hottest directors over four consecutive years.

View the commercial here.

Client: Coca-Cola
Airdate: January 13, 2010

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy
Agency Prod: Jennifer Fiske
AD: Nate Miller
CW: Brian Murphy
CD: Hal Curtis / Sheena Brady

Prod Co: Epoch Films
Director: Daniel Kleinman

Editorial Company: Cut + Run

VFX: Moving Picture Company
SFX: Henry Boy


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