AVSO Evoke Lighthearted Ads from Target’s Past

A Very Small Office Director Mikon van Gastel, working closely yet again with Peterson Milla Hooks, just finished a series of upbeat, lighthearted spots promoting Target’s Frugalista campaign. The effort, which debuted during the 2010 Golden Globes and will also run during the Winter Olympics, features a series of vignettes that are shuffled from spot to spot to create a custom commercial appealing to each event’s audience, while retaining the central message that Target is the place for everyday shoppers to find affordable fashion.

The spots star a series of hip, sophisticated models, sauntering through settings that range from beaches to hillside mansions to humble trailer homes, each flaunting her Frugalista “find”: jewelry, shoes, bikinis, coats and more.

Visually clever, organic camera movements combine with choreographed action to tell each woman’s “find” story quickly and succinctly. Mikon shot the vignettes both on stage and on location, choosing the backdrop carefully to complement the featured product in each sequence.

The live action and design-driven production meshes perfectly with the cinematography to deliver the unique stylish sensibility of the Target brand and create a genuine connection with the viewer. The spots come together perfectly with a kinetic editorial style that plays pitch perfectly off the dialogue embedded in the music.

About A Very Small Office:
Co-Founder/CD/Director Mikon van Gastel and Co-Founder/Executive Producer Saffron Case opened A Very Small Office (AVSO) in the spring of 2005. Home to design based commercial directors, AVSO has the ability to design and deliver projects from concept to completion. AVSO offers expertise in graphic design, film, emerging media, integrated content, and architecture with an openness to embracing new forms of collaboration and emerging technologies.

About Peterson Milla Hooks
PMH is most successful with clients who value the power of style and design to elevate their brands and build affinity with their customers.As Target’s long-time agency partner, they have helped create a look, feel and personality for Target that has propelled it into the company of the world’s leading icon brands. Their work for Target has been broad and varied – brand image, fashion, home furnishings, cosmetics, music, electronics, performance apparel, even toothpaste and toilet paper. Their ability to create a sense of aspiration and desire for brands has helped them attract other clients including Electronic Arts, Anheuser-Busch, Mattel, Ruby Tuesday, XOXO and Turner Classic Movies.


Client: Target
Spots Title: Frugalista Campaign
Air Date: Golden Globes/January 2010

Agency: Peterson Milla Hooks
Art Director: Matthew Parr
CD: Dave Peterson
Head of Production/Producer: Aldo Hertz

Prod Company: A Very Small Office
Director: Mikon van Gastel
EP: Saffron Case

Editorial: Channel Z
Editor: Brett Astor
Producer: Ace Allgood

Post/Effects: Pixel Farm
Lead VFX: Kurt Angell
Flame Artist: Tony Mills
Producer: Bill Kruse

Music: Modern Music
Composer(s): John Hermanson, Bryan Hanna, Eric Fawcett
Creative Director: Daron Walker
Producer: Joanna Jahn

Shoot Locations: Los Angeles Locations


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