haymaker fx – Open For Business

haymaker fx, located in the heart of Gothenburg, Sweden and founded by Alex Hansson and Daniel Tegeland, has officially opened its doors to the international commercials, broadcast, music video and film industries.

haymaker fx has a small but highly creative and efficient team of talented artists that work consistently in a broad range of applications. Alex Hansson and Daniel Tegeland have worked together for the last ten years and have been involved in some of the more memorable music videos, game intros, brand logos and launch films recently been produced in Sweden.

“Coming from a background in music videos has given us the opportunity to experiment and evolve to where we are today, even with extremely tight budgets, we where always looking to make that one specific shot extreme, one shot for the portfolio, one shot to take us to the next level. We feel that this has been a long time coming and we are looking forward to the challenges that future projects holds.” Alex said.

Some of the highlights in the portfolio of haymaker fx includes “Mustasch – Double Nature”, a unique visual driven music video directed and produced by haymaker fx, “Race07”, a game intro for the popular racing series also directed and produced by haymaker fx, “Volvo – Birth”, a launch film produced in collaboration with edithouse film.


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