Bent Creates Abundant World For Tetra Pak

Lovingly hand-crafted sets merge flawlessly with lifelike CG in Tetra Pak’s latest spot, directed by Bent Image Lab’s Rob Shaw in collaboration with the Philipp und Keuntje agency of Hamburg. The playful :30 animation showcases Bent’s ability to handle challenging projects with multiple angles – in this case developing an approachable spokes-character to deliver a serious environmental message and designing detailed, super-productive landscapes to create a humorous overtone.

Raw Materials stars Bob, goodhearted CG rabbit and expert on renewable resources. He discusses the benefits of Tetra Pak’s use of paper over plastic in its innovative food packaging as he travels through three landscapes. During his journey, Bob compares paper’s sustainable source (trees) to the merits of grain and wool. He earnestly seeks to communicate the virtues of well-managed resources but has to contend his extremely abundant environment, which seems to have a mind of its own.

In order to find just the right person for the job, the Bent team undertook an in-depth creation process to discover how Bob ticks. They began by writing a history including the rabbit’s appearance, background, age, personality quirks, and interests. The result was personable rabbit character inspired by Bob Newhart’s “everyman vulnerability” with a dash of Kermit the Frog.

From there, the team drew sketches, which were the basis for the detailed CG model of the character. Bent then built, animated and composited the model it into the spot.

“If our spokesman is your solid, educated straight man, then the environment is his loony, vibrant, comic partner,” said Shaw. “Philipp und Keuntje’s script was brilliant. It called for more than just repeating that renewable resources are good for the environment. They wanted to let the landscape demonstrate that properly managed resources can create so much abundance it’s almost funny.”

In the opening scene, Bob praises grain’s renewable nature as the entire wheat field around him is harvested by an invisible force and launched skyward. The wheat returns to earth as a shower of bread, burying the jolly rabbit, and grows back before Bob can recover. To achieve the fluid performance of the magic wheat field, Bent designed a 3D particle system made up of tens of thousands of digital reproductions of paper-art wheat stalks which were composited into a handmade set of rolling hills.

The spot then shifts to a bucolic meadow, another practical set, where the wool literally leaps off of a CG sheep in the background before reappearing and weaving itself into a sweater on the ebullient Bob. As he speaks, a fresh coat of wool grows on the embarrassed grazer.

The final scene finds Bob amidst a vast, hand-crafted forest as stop-motion animated trees are sucked into the ground and reappear as Tetra Pak products. In order to create this lush setting, the Bent team created a 25-foot-deep practical set which included clay mushrooms, 14 types of fabric for ground cover and more than 200 model trees. The CG spokes-rabbit seamlessly interacts with these practical surroundings, explaining the company’s commitment to paper packaging while he dodges the new trees sprouting up rapidly around him.

Bent Image Lab is a Portland Oregon-based production company and creative laboratory, known for melding art, design and storytelling. It is a place where the brightest ideas are driven with an artist’s passion and realized through the use of cutting edge technology.

Established in 2002, BENT specializes in wildly creative spots and videos that range from the frenetic to the deeply moving. Saturday Night Live, Coca-Cola, Zune, Lux Soap, Aflac, Budweiser, FOX, Guitar Hero, HP, PBS, Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, Live Earth, and film directors Todd Haynes and Gus Van Sant, are just a few of the high-profile clients that have called on BENT for some of their quirky, highly-original work.

Spot Title: “Raw Materials”
Airdate: July 2009
Client: Tetra Pak GmbH & Co. KG

Advertising Agency: Philipp und Keuntje GmbH // Hamburg, Germany
Creative Director: Diether Kerner
Producer: Axel Leyck

Production Company: Bent Image Lab // Portland, OR
Director: Rob Shaw
Executive Producer: Ray Di Carlo
Senior Producer: Tsui Ling Toomer
Producer: Kara Place
Coordinator: Ryan Shanholtzer
Director of Photography: Bryce Fortner
Gaffer: Arron Burr
Stage: Jim Birkett
Art Director: Solomon Burbridge
Set Designer: Curt Enderle
Art Department: Greg Fosmire, Mary Blankenburg, Jen Prokopowicz, Kimi Kaplowitz, Evan Stewart, Marty Easterday, Daniel Miller, Kate Fenker, Brett Superstar, Jayme Hansen, Christina Owen, Justin Warner, Sarah Hoopes, Brandy Cochrane
Storyboard Artist: Steve Hess, Monique Ligons
Character Design: Brett Superstar
Principal Animators: Max Perleman, Eric Urban
Additional Animators: Dennis Rivera, Melik Malkasian
CG Technical Director: Fred Ruff
CG Crew: Eric Durante, Steph Kaufman, Galen Beals
Composite Artists (After Effects): Orland Nutt, Eric Gorski, Brian Kinkley
2D Artists: Dave Manuel, Traci Cook

Additional Production: Annex Films // London, England
Producer: Gerald Berman

Editorial Company: Bent Image Lab // Portland, OR
Editorial Supervisor: JD Dawson


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