Superfad Bring Sack Boy to Life for PSP

Now you can Play. Create. Share. Everywhere with Little BIG Planet PSP … Superfad believe the PSP strap line to be a great modus operandi for life and applied it when creating this new 15 second spot.
Superfad took special care and pride in bringing Sack Boy to animated life in their latest project for Little BIG Planet for PSP and agency Deutsch. The commercial sees Sack Boy in a children’s playground having fun with a virtual ball and ghetto blaster on the end of a kite string.

Superfad is a brand-driven design and live action production company. A collective of designers, directors, animators, and artists; their mission is to see brands in unexpected ways and to express a brand’s voice in an undeniably original fashion.

Superfad’s work runs counter to the trend of design studios who present a singular house style. With offices in Los Angeles, New York, Seattle and London, their work is informed by a wide array of cultural and intellectual influences. Fine art, science, math, and literature are fused with illustration, photography, and technology to produce stunningly original imagery.

Superfad was founded in 2001 and has produced award-winning work for many of the most respected brands worldwide. Honda, Sony, Target, Adidas, and AT&T are just a few of the companies who have turned to Superfad for inspired branding.

Client: Sony Computer Entertainment America
Title/Length: Little Big Planet PSP “Bricks” :15
Airdate: November 13. 2009

Agency: Deutsch
President/Chief Creative Officer: Eric Hirshberg Group Creative Directors: Jason Elm, Michael Bryce Senior Copywriter: Jeff Candido Senior Art Director: Bernie O’Dowd SVP/Director of Broadcast Production: Vic Palumbo SVP/Executive Producer: Victoria Guenier
Producer: Todd Krolczyk
SVP, Group Account Director: John McGonigle Account Executive: Leigh McCarthy

Production / Editorial / Animation Company: Superfad Executive Producer: Kevin Batten
Director: Superfad/Kevin Lau
DP: Eric Steelberg
Post Producer: Danielle Hazan
Art Director: Kevin Lau
Character Animator: Ian Mankowski
3D Modeler: Tim Kadawaki
3D Animator: Carlos Florez
Technical Director: Henry Foster
Compositor: Jared Sandrew
Flame: John Shirley
Editor: Carsten Becker

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