We Are Plus Adds to Fashion Marketing Portfolio

The brand movement specialists at strategic creative ideas studio We Are Plus are very proud to announce their latest project: a strategic brand film for the prestigious Shu Uemura cosmetics brand.

Since first launching Plus et Plus in New York City in 2002, the company’s founder Jeremy Hollister, his co-creative director Judy Wellfare and their colleagues have built a reputation as a go-to company for fashion brands seeking to create sexy, marketing-savvy visual content for high-profile promotional uses ranging from live and in-store events to online, offline and traditional broadcast marketing campaigns. The company recently relaunched as We Are Plus.

“Over the years, by consistently coming through for marketing executives behind top-flight fashion brands like Aveda, MAC Cosmetics, Laforet, Artful Dodger and Dr. Martens, and for crossover sports brands like Nike and Asics, we’ve had a lot of opportunities to go to bat, get up to speed quickly, and produce content to connect with many different types of audiences,” said Hollister. “Shu Uemura is a visionary and unique brand and it was an honor to work with such a creative executive team on this project.”

For the Shu Uemura assignment, the client briefing called for We Are Plus to work with existing video footage, photography and product samples and create an approximately three-minute video showpiece to be presented by at an upcoming sales conference. The project’s one-week timeline left Wellfare, We Are Plus projects director Zu Al-Kadiri and their team members no time to lose.

“Our overall challenge was to showcase the Shu Uemura brand and its product line in an interesting, visually arresting way, while also aiming to add an inspirational dimension to the presentation,” said Wellfare, who edited the project. “After surveying the available footage and imagery and we began fleshing out our cut. Based on our research, our artists created original designs and animation.”

According to Al-Kadiri, the toolset for We Are Plus involved using Final Cut Pro for editing, Adobe Creative Suite for design, and Adobe After Effects for animation, compositing and finishing. “In the end, the combination of design, animation, and the overall energy we gave the piece is something we’re all very pleased with,” he explained. “Also, I think the original graphic design elements we came up with did a nice job of unifying a lot of disparate looks and presenting a visually cohesive, exciting story for the Shu Uemura brand and its products.”

About We Are Plus
A strategic creative ideas studio, We Are Plus are brand movement specialists and creative catalysts poised to deliver what is needed by brands today and tomorrow. We Are Plus thrives at the intersection of creativity and entrepreneurship. The company’s unique expertise successfully transports brands, products, ideas and innovation to market. By uniting visionary brand strategy with masterful thinking, design, and production, We Are Plus propels these ideas across every form of media.


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