Cut + Run Travel to Shanghai for Anta “Deuce”

Andy McGraw was offered a sporting chance and victoriously delivered a complex edit for this new ANTA Sport commercial directed by David Edwards of HANraHAN for JWT Shanghai.

The commercial features a stylized match between two top world ranked female tennis players. It was shot on two continents; in Malaga, Spain where Jelena Jancovic was playing in a tournament and Beijing, China where Zheng Jie was busy training. In Shanghai Andy McGraw then united the players via the magic of editing, with post and effects created and applied in Hong Kong.

The result of this well-traveled production is an eye-catching spot that highlights Anta as a key supporter of sport in China and an enthusiast for the beauty of tennis.

Cut+Run is a boutique editorial company with locations in Los Angeles, New York, and London. The award-winning shop features a diverse roster of talented editors who contribute their vision and skill to commercials, film and music videos. With an emphasis on client service, Cut+Run operates under a ‘borderless’ philosophy making its editors available to work anywhere. Editors can also cut on set wherever projects are shot.

HANraHAN are producers and directors of tv commercials.The company was formed in 2004 by Mark Hanrahan who was previously Head of TV Production for Saatchi & Saatchi London. HANraHAN represent a mix of directors across all genres of filmmaking from live-action through to animation and everything in-between.HANraHAN is based in London, Cape Town and New York.

Anta Sport “Deuce”

Product: Anta Sport
Client: Anta

Title: Deuce
Length of Ad: 30″
Exposure: Chinese Television

Agency: JWT Shanghai
ECD: Yang Yeo
CDs: Elvis Chau / Raymond Chin / Rojana Chasakul
CWs: Raymond Chin / Margin Ma
ADs: Elvis Chau / Rojana Chasakul / David Mo / Lu Nan TV Producer: Jane Zhang

Prod Co: HANraHAN / New Life Films
Director: David Edwards
Producer: Swifty Hanrahan
DP: Stuart Graham

Editing House: Cut + Run
Editor: Andy McGraw

Post: Pixel Box Hong Kong

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