Black Iris Creates Music for Cadillac

Composer Justin Bailey of music collective Black Iris creates the edgy, electro-funk music for the recent Cadillac summer event spot. Via Modernista! and directed by RSAs Joe Carnahan, we are treated to a thrill ride where a female driver compares her perfect shade of lip gloss to her shiny red Cadillac – naming the auto her favorite summer accessory.

This juxtaposition brings the spot soundtrack from a deep mellow tone to a hard rock feel. The crescendo gives a sensation of confidence in the driver, which is complemented by the increased speed of the Cadillac. The movement from leisurely to high octane in the audio and visuals gives this spot a high energy, feel good vibe.

“We always love it when a Cadillac spot comes in the door,” says Black Iris Composer Cam DiNunzio, “Their creative direction is always so liberating for us as composers.”

Black Iris’ Partner and Lead Composer Justin Bailey was in the mix for Cadillac’s summer event campaign that is currently running, and his track Fire Hydrant Floods was initially a stumper for him.

Bailey noted, “I had reached a point with the track where it had yet to feel special. I think I just wanted to get out of the synth world, because it’s not really a native environment for me, but I didn’t want to lose that electro quality. So I reached for the guitar and a pitch shifter, and decided to make something a little different. That exercise ended up being the icing on the cake, if the cake happened to be 50% icing.”

About Black Iris:
With studios in NY, LA, and VA, Black Iris is a talented collective of true musicians rooted in the independent music scene, providing original compositions and scores for entertainment, advertising, and media. Because of their deep attachment and connection with the musical underground, the Black Iris label continues to offer fresh and unique sounds that stay ahead of current music trends.

Client: Cadillac
Spots Title: Fire Hydrant Floods
Air Date: June 2008

Agency: Modernista!
Executive CD(s): Gary Koepke, Lance Jensen
CD(s): Shane Hutton, Will Uronis
Art Director(s): Will Uronis, Joe Paganucci
Copywriter(s): Shane Hutton, Kapil Kachru
Director of Broadcast: Charles Wolford
Senior Producer: Donna Lamar
Asst. Producer: Mary Donington

Prod Company: RSA
Director: Joe Carnahan
DP: Paul Cameron
EP: Marjorie Abrahams
Line Producer: Mark Walejko

Editorial: The Whitehouse
Editor: David Brixton
Assistant Editor: Joanna Manning
EP: Sue Dawson
Producer: Joni Wright

Telecine: The Mill, NY
Colorist: Fergus McCall

Post/Effects: rhinofx
VFX CD: Vico Sharabani
Lead Flame Artist: Brad Scott
Flame Artist: Julie Mai
Producer: Linda Gallagher

Music: Black Iris
Composer: Justin Bailey
Producer(s): Daron Hollowell, Jonathan Fuller

Sound Design: Amber Music
Sound Designer: Andy Brannan
CD/EP: Michelle Curan

Audio Post: Sound Lounge
Mixer: Rob DiFondi

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