Clickfire Tests Its Skills On MTV Public Awareness Campaign

ClickFire Media has created dynamic new web content and a Facebook application for GYT: “Get Yourself Tested,” a new campaign developed by MTV and the Kaiser Family Foundation to increase testing for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) among those under 25 years of age. Working in conjunction with MTV’s public affairs department and the Kaiser Family Foundation, ClickFire adapted the music channel’s overall GYT design to create a complementary web presence.

GYT is an extension of MTV and Kaiser’s Emmy – and Peabody – winning “It’s Your (Sex) Life” (IYSL) public information partnership to promote responsible decision making about sex. MTV and Kaiser worked with Planned Parenthood Federation of America, and other partners nationwide to increase community engagement in the campaign. The “GYT” acronym was inspired by the social media space and its fondness for shorthand slang: LOL, BRB and OMG. The GYT web content is framed within the broader IYSL campaign site, The Kaiser Family Foundation, consulting with other substantive experts, provided all informational content on the site.

The diverse and creative content produced by MTV and Kaiser has been multiplying across the web, appearing on YouTube, in blogs like, and integrated into social networking sites including Twitter and Facebook. The Facebook application allows fans to tag their profile pictures with a GYT mark to help spread the word about STD testing.

“This project was exciting,” said Executive Producer Connor Swegle. “It was a big project with us working directly with MTV to architect and develop a completely organic site around an important issue for young people. Having the site work using social media applications allows larger access to the tools young people need.”

The web site includes information, social media inputs and outputs, and celebrity informational videos from Perez Hilton, N.E.R.D., and Cornel West, among others.

About ClickFire Media:
ClickFire Media is an interactive design studio specializing in multi-platform, media-rich creative campaigns. CFM partners with agencies and entertainment industry clients in the conceptualization, design and development of fully-integrated, consistently branded experiences. Through insight and innovation, CFM combines that latest interactive technologies with the best design, video, animation and live action skills from Click 3X to deliver integrated solutions in the ever-developing media landscape.

The Creds:
Interactive Studio: ClickFire Media
Executive Producer: Connor Swegle
Project Manager/Producer/Information Architect: Tiffany Staton
Creative Director: Winnie Tsang
Designer: Rob Bigwood
Project Coordinator: Carolyn Dempsey
Technical Architect: Michael Guymon
Developer: Matt Bauer
Flash Developer: Ben Shapiro
Developer (Client Side): Phil Cho
Team Lead: Brad Reisner

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