Blue Room Shoots Spots for NFL Fantasies

‘Everybody has fantasies. What Yours?’ asks the award-winning Fantasy Files campaign created by Blue Room, which shot the quartet of :30s. Created for and Reebok, the viral campaign began running on, YouTube and NFL Network Total Access July 25, 2008. Designed to drive traffic to, the spots feature NFL football giants Chris Chambers, Chris Cooley, Mason Crosby and Laurence Maroney.

For the third year, Blue Room, the New York-based creative services agency, has created spots in which NFL players demonstrate seemingly impossible feats of athletic prowess in an effort to be chosen by fans for their fantasy football teams.

In the spots, Chris Chambers, the San Diego Chargers wide receiver, catches three footballs in rapid succession, behind his back; Chris Cooley, Washington Redskins tight end, stands behind a wall on a construction site and, without visual cues, catches a football by thrusting his arm through a double layer of sheetrock; Mason Crosby, the Green Bay Packers kicker, repeatedly rings the bell in the cupola of the Green Bay Court House with three separate kicks a moment before it is to toll; and lastly, Laurence Maroney, New England Patriots running back, runs and jumps through the open windows of an automobile emerging, unscathed, on the opposite side of the car. All four spots are tagged ‘ Fantasy Files, Captured by: Reebok.’

‘We really captured these athletes doing extraordinary things. In Crosby spot, for example, he is, in fact, kicking footballs as hard as he possibly can at the Court House but the struggle is to get it in one continuous take.’
Brian Aumueller, Creative Director of Blue Room.

‘The Fantasy Files are a great way for fans to get a glimpse of our athletes off the field and the amazing things they can do. Working on this campaign with Blue Room for the third consecutive year allowed us to go above and beyond creatively as we took it off the field for the first time.’
Robert Stecklow – NFL Director of Advertising.

The Blue Room creative team for this campaign included Creative Director Brian Aumueller, Executive Producer Chris Gargani, Editorial Director Dave Gargani, Producer Lauren Muir, and Director Michael Scalere.

Blue Room shot in HD using Panasonic HVX 200 cameras on location in Green Bay, Cleveland, near the Patriot stadium and outside of D.C. In addition to the spots, fans can view behind the scenes footage and player interviews from the shoots on

About Blue Room:
Blue Room, founded in 2002, is an award-winning creative services agency that delivers innovative, attention-grabbing design, motion graphics and production solutions for high profile clients including ABC, Animal Planet, ESPN, Fuse, History, IFC, NFL, Planet Green, RCN and Reebok, among many others.

Production Company: Blue Room NYC
City/State: New York, NY
Creative Director: Brian Aumueller
Executive Producer: Chris Gargani
Editorial Director: David Gargani
Director: Michael Scalere
Producer: Lauren Muir

Representing The National Football League
City/State: London, England
Head of Marketing for NFL UK/Copywriter: Jonathan Klein
Director of Advertising: Robert Stecklow
Reebok Acct. Manager for NFL: Matthew Cleary

Representing Reebok
City/State: Boston, MA
Brand Communications Manager: Dan Wiseman


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