Coke Zero is Just Unbelievable Says Buck

US animation and VFX studio ‘Buck’ previously completed a spot for Coke Zero in early 2008, but the ad has only just received its first airing, over a year later, in Brazil. ‘Unbelievable Song’ is an epic rock opera commercial for Coke Zero that features memorable cast members including a wolf singing R&B, g-string sporting antelopes, and honeycomb encrusted sheep.

The animation is set in a forest and begins with a bear leaning against a tree, pondering how incredible it is that Coke Zero tastes just like Coke, yet contains zero sugar. ‘It unbelievable’ the bear croons ‘the greatest combo, anything is possible’.

The likeable singing bear then launches into a Meatloafesque performance where he considers what other amazing combinations should exist in life. The irrelevant and funny song lyrics underpin the colourful and exciting animated graphics of the spot.

As salmon fall from trees and rainbows turn into slides, the action follows the bear as he water ski in formation, with other forest animals, down a waterfall. ‘Oh wouldn’st it be great if Antelopes could dance? and bears wore tear off pants, oh life would just be dandy ….. if birds pooped candy …….’

The spot was commissioned by Wieden+Kennedy in 2007, Buck completed the work in early 2008, and the ad was first aired on Brazilian television in May 2009.

Specializing in design-driven creative, Buck’s directors and artists use animation, visual effects and live action to collaborate with clients, from concept to delivery, producing work that is visceral, innovative, and diverse. From offices in New York and Los Angeles, Buck works with a broad range of clients in the advertising, broadcast, retail and entertainment industries.

Production Company: Buck
Creative Directors: Ryan Honey, Orion Tait
Executive Producer: Maurie Enochson
Producer: Nick Terzich
Associate Producer: Eric Badros
Associate Creative Director: Jeremy Sahlman
Sr. Art Director: Thomas Schmid
Art Directors: Ben Langsfeld, Fede Reano
Matte Painting Supervisors: Alp Altiner, Daniel Thron
Matte Painters: Josh Caez, Craig Elliott, George Fuentes, Andrew Park, Daniel Thron
Concept Art Lead: Daniel Thron
Concept Artists: George Fuentes, Chris Lee, Andrew Park, Kieran Yanner
Design Assistant: Nahara Pacheco
Storyboards: Massive Black
Animators: Paul America, Hunter Athey, Minhee Choe, Steve Day, Matthew Everton, Mark Farquhar, Henry Foster, Kanishka Muthuthanthri, Shannon Pytlak, Yuriko Senoo, Bill Wright
3D Pipeline Leads: Paul America, Jens Lindgren
Lighting/Shading Lead: Bill Dorais
Lighting/Shading: Sarah Bocket, Meg Bright-Ryan, Raul Dominguez, Henry Foster, Tim Hayward, Jens Lindgren, Chris Phillips, Sean Rivet, Pedram Shohadai, Doug Wilkinson
FX Lead: Ryan Phalen
FX Artists: Yates Holley, Billy Maloney, Markus Wipplinger
Fur Lead: Bill Dorais
Fur Artists: Chris Christman, Yates Holley, Pedram Shohadai, Kalim Winata, Markus Wipplinger
Character Modeling Lead: Brandon Perlow
Character Artists: Yates Holley, Alex O’sDonnell, Chris Phillips, Markus Wipplinger
Environment Artists: Sarah Bocket, Meg Bright-Ryan, Raul Dominguez, Chris Phillips
Rigging Lead: Henry Foster
Riggers: Joel Anderson, Yates Holley, Jens Lindgren, John Riggs
Compositing Lead: Bjarni Robert Bragason
Compositors: Randy Little, Steve Mitchell, Bill Phillips, Fede Reano, Thomas Schmid
Editor: Harry Walsh
Assistant: Aaron Abt
End Card Producer: Kim Evans, Kate Treacy
End Card Animators: Joseph Chan, Joe Mullen, Doug Purver
Colorist: Mike Pethel
Flame Artist: Tim Bird
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam
Creative Directors: Al Moseley, John Norman
Copywriter: Patrick Almaguer
Art Director: Blake Kidder
Account Team: Abi Findlay
Producer: Eloise Hastings
Assistant Producer: Orlando Wood
Executive Creative Directors: Al Moseley, John Norman
Agency Executive Producer: Tom Dunlap
Music: Human
Sound Design: Machine Head

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