Loyalkaspar Hits The Tattoo Highway For A&E

For A&E Network ‘Tattoo Highway,’ a new reality series, Loyalkaspar used hand-drawn illustrations to create the tattoo art seen in the image spot; while for the MTV ‘Spring Break’ package they referenced an analog photographic technique known as ‘Lomography.’

“Tattoo Highway” takes tattoo reality television on a road trip with master tattoo artist Thomas Pendelton. Pendelton and his business partner and wife Monica have transformed a 1970s tour bus into a tattoo parlour on wheels, featuring a swanky interior and top-of-the-line tattooing equipment. It’s a tattoo shop that can tattoo anyone, anywhere.

For the image spot, Herbruck and Baudenbacher traveled to picturesque Lancaster, CA to film Pendelton, using the state-of-the-art digital RED camera system, standing in the middle of a desert road and talking directly to the camera about his life as a tattoo artist and his motivation for taking his work on the road. Swirling around him as he talks are a series of highly-detailed tattoo art that was first hand-drawn on paper and later scanned and animated using Flash.

‘The goal for this project was to introduce the show and Pendelton to viewers,’ Baudenbacher says. ‘We wanted to capture his intense personality and get a sense of who he is and how passionate he is about tattoos and their meaning to people. For the tattoo art, it was crucial that we use illustration to capture all of the subtle imperfections that make them so powerful. Digital is too perfect to create realistic-looking tattoo art.’

This recent project for A&E Network effectively highlights both the diverse creative skills and love of blending organic and digital art found at Loyalkaspar, the creative design/production company led by directors David Herbruck and Beat Baudenbacher, part of the transmedia branding and design group LORI PATE+.

About Loyalkaspar

Recognizing that the process is often more rewarding than the end result is just one of the ways design house Loyalkaspar distinguishes itself from the creative herd. Founded by directors David Herbruck and Beat Baudenbacher, Loyalkaspar has quickly earned a reputation among advertising creatives and network producers as a creative hub where daring creative and innovative execution intersect.


LORI PATE+ represents top branding, promotion, design, interactive and production professionals serving the broadcast, cable and evolving media industries. Experienced and innovative, LORI PATE+ connects clients to its members to produce effective media branding solutions.

Creative Credits
Tattoo Highway
Client: A&E
Project: ‘Tattoo Highway’ image spot
Creative Director: Maria Pecoraro
Producer : Jonathan Davis –
Production/Design: Loyalkaspar, New York
Director/Creative Director: Beat Baudenbacher
Executive Producer: David Herbruck
Senior Producer: Melissa August-Levin
Design Director: Geoff Bailey
Illustrators: Ann Kruetzkamp, Serge Kirsanov
Animator: Sebastien Larreur, Anthony Serraino
Editor: Eli Mavros
Director of Photography: Rhet Bear
Line Producer: Carmen Bosley

Music & Sound Design: Kick Music & Sound Design, Santa Monica, CA
Composer: Greg Smith

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