Low Tech Look Rings True For MTV’s Spring Break ’09

For the show package to its Spring Break ’09 coverage, MTV annual paean to bikini-clad fun, Loyalkaspar referenced a decidedly retro photographic technique known as ‘Lomography,’ which takes its name from the LOMO, a compact 35mm camera popular in the 1980s, known for producing oversaturated colors, off-kilter exposures, blurring and other whimsical photographic images.

‘It a short, but definitely effective piece,’ says Elliott Chaffer, Creative Director at Loyalkaspar. ‘We wanted to give the look a personal touch, almost like a quick documentation of the spring break experience.’

Set to a driving electronic beat, the screen is separated into four vertical blocks, each displaying a closely related, yet slightly different series of images (featuring shots from noted fashion photographer Neil Stewart), all backed by a brilliant blue sky. One series of stills shows a blonde beauty in reflecting sunglasses tilting her head back toward the sun.

Another shows a young man grinning happily while overlooking the ocean. In the last one, a woman and a smiling couple all glow with anticipation, which quickly gives way to a rowdy beach crowd waving their arms in the air. At center screen, and bridging the four vertical blocks, is the MTV’s ‘Spring Break ’09’ logo.

‘In assembling the imagery in four parts, we actually removed some frames to give the scenes a jerkier look,’ Daniel D??rnemann, Loyalkaspar Art Director/Designer, explains. ‘The low-tech feel accentuating these beautiful color burns gives the entire piece a vibrant, fashionable party look.’ While everyone liked the idea of the handmade, four-part look, selecting the appropriate imagery was another story.

‘We provided a number of possibilities to MTV, and to their credit they went for the most stylized concept,’ he says. ‘Selecting just the right images to open the spot took a good deal of collaboration. In the end, everyone was pleased with how it turned out.’

About Loyalkaspar:
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MTV Spring Break ’09
Client: MTV
Project: Spring Break ’09 show open
Creative Director: David McElwaine
Producer: Tina Corrado

Design/Production: Loyalkaspar, New York
Creative Director: Elliott Chaffer
Designer/Art Director: Daniel Drnemann
Photographer: Neil Stewart
Animator: Sebastien Larreur
Producer: Scott Lakso

Music & Sound Design: Kick Music & Sound Design, Santa Monica, CA
Composer: Greg Smith

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