Rattling Stick & Cut+Run Wage Allergy War For Benadryl

Hayfever sufferers be afraid. A new commercial for Benadryl shows how nature can truly wage warfare on the senses. In a scene reminiscent to the opening shots of Apocalypse Now, we see dragonfly choppers deploying pollen bombs, whilst spores and seed pods explode in unison to mark the dangerous onset of the summer season.

The million unseen enemies of the allergy sufferer are at the heart of the new spot for Benadryl titled “War.” With the intensity of gaming footage and the beauty of a naturalists diary, this Steve Cope directed spot for JWT London reaches well beyond the expected commercial for the summer sniffles category as seemingly innocent pollen, flowers and bees are transformed into agents of attack.

Tim Hardy, who has worked with Cope on numerous and award-winning projects (including BBC2 “Elvis” and Guinness “Alive Inside”), was tapped to edit this effects-intensive, microscopic look into what lurks at every turn on those gorgeous & balmy days ahead.

About Cut+Run
Cut+Run is a boutique editorial company with locations in Los Angeles, New York, and London. The award-winning shop features a diverse roster of talented editors who contribute their vision and skill to commercials, film and music videos. With an emphasis on client service, Cut+Run operates under a “borderless” philosophy making its editors available to work anywhere. Editors can also cut on set wherever projects are shot.

About Rattling Stick
Rattling Stick is a small group of commercial directors who share thoughts and inspirations for each other’s work. Rattling Stick won the BTAA Production company of the year award in 2008.

Client: Johnson + Johnson
Product: Benadryl
Title: War
Length of Ad: 1 x 40″

Agency: JWT London
Executive Creative Director / Creative Director: Russell Ramsey
Creatives: Andy Smith (AD) / Ryan Lawson (CW) Agency Producer: Anna Church

Production Company: Rattling Stick
Producer: Kate Martin
Director: Steve Cope

Editing House: Cut+Run
Editor: Tim Hardy

Sound: Munzi Thind @ Grand Central
Post Production: Aidan Gibbons (3D Op) @ The Mill / Gary Driver (Flame Op) @ The Mill


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