Rhino Scores 4 Telly Awards With The Wumblers

Premier VFX, design and animation house Rhino partnered with Gravity, are pleased to announce that the acclaimed animated TV series, The Wumblers, is the recipient of four prestigious Telly Awards for excellence in children’s television, executive produced and creative directed by Rhino’s North American CEO Zviah Eldar.

Wumblers are multi-colored bulbous-shaped characters whose food falls from the sky, whose babies hatch in watermelon patches and whose stories blend inspiration, imagination and fun. The show’s aim is simple; to challenge children to think globally and embrace the idea that our differences can unite us.

Four episodes were submitted to the Telly Awards. Three won Bronze awards and the episode What To Do? took home the highest honor, a Silver Telly award. What To Do? focuses on three young Wumbler friends, Bertrum, his pal Gibby and a talking bilingual snail named Raimundo. When Gibby’s parents ask her and her friends to keep an eye on the watermelon patch while they go to the store, the unexpected arrival of a new baby Wumbler tests the friend’s ability to stay calm in a crisis and work together to make the best of the situation until Gibby’s parents return.

Laura Wellington, a mother and former preschool teacher, created The Wumblers. The series is partnered with The National Watermelon Association of the United States and currently airs on several channels through out the US and worldwide. In addition it airs in Spanish on the US Spanish language channel Sorpresa.

About the Telly Awards:
For 29 years, the Telly Awards has recognized the finest in creative work. Their winners include the most prestigious agencies, production companies, in-house creative departments and TV stations in the world. It is one of the largest and most prestigious award of its kind, receiving 13,000 entries annually from all 50 states and 30 countries around the world.

“The Wumblers is a truly unique show. It’s a fun, educational series whose overall purpose is to unite children around the world through humor and social responsibility. It’s inspiring to see it receive such recognition.”
Zviah Eldar – Rhino CEO

About Rhino:
Since its launch in 2000, Rhino has created award-winning visual effects, design, and animation for commercials, VFX for feature films, episodic television, webisodic mini-series, and videogame cinematics. The company’s principals and artists have also led the industry’s exploration into the boundless potential of branded digital content.

Title: The Wumblers
Created by Laura Wellington
Prod Company: Rhino/Gravity
EP/CD: Zviah Eldar


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