“Meet Meline” – Teaser Trailer for New Animation Short

In an ordinary barn, of a quiet small town, a little girl will be faced with an extraordinary event. “Meet Meline” tells the story of a young girl who spends much of her time playing in a dusty old wooden out-shed at her grandparents home.

One day, whilst in the midst of her favourite past time of drawing, Meline suddenly finds herself face to face with an unknown furry creature. This short animated film follows a petite heroine called Meline as she makes a discovery of a lifetime.

‘Meet Meline’ is the brainchild and loving creation of 3D artists and creative directors Virginie Goyons and Sebastien Laban.

Initially the idea behind the project was to produce a 20 second clip that would provide a platform on which the two artists could develop and perfect their skills…two years later the piece has developed into a short animated film.

Goyons and Laban have recently completed a teaser trailer that gives a clear view of the character of Meline but keeps details of the plotline under wraps ….. ensuring we are intrigued to see more.
‘Meet Meline’ The Short Film and ‘Meet Meline: The Making of’ are both due for release in 2009.

The making of “Meet Meline” has also lead to the production of a hard backed book and some beautiful, emotive poster artwork.

Written by: Virginie Goyons & Sebastien Laban
Animated by: Virginie Goyons & Sebastien Laban
Sounds by: Cedric Denooz
Music by: Guillaume ROUSSEL!


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