Radium Creates Fierce Effects for Gatorade

Radium, worked with Element 79 and MJZ director Phil Joanou to create the effects featured in Gatorade latest spot. The :30 Homewreckers commercial promotes the sports drink company boldly-flavored Gatorade Fierce and features a hardcore home-court game between NBA superstars Dwayne Wade, Vince Carter and Ben Wallace and their streetball counterparts Anthony Pelle, Obadiah Toppin and Hugh Jones.

Fast moves and slam-dunks are coupled with windows smashing, asphalt cracking and basketball hoops bending, helping to reinforce the drink ‘fierce’ namesake. Radium challenge was to seamlessly integrate CG and live action imagery. For the crumbling blacktop court surface, the shots were created in CG – first by projecting the 3D animation of the cracks over the original ground, then by compositing the players with all of their original shadows. Multiple layers of animated breaking blacktop, flying debris and dust were also tracked into each scene to build on the action.

Radium created the city nightscape surrounding the court with high resolution 3D matte paintings. Within each shot buildings, street lights, skies and top sections of the fences had to be created to conceal the white walls and lighting rigs that were still in the shot.

The Radium team included creative director Jonathan Keeton, VFX supervisor Scott Rader and executive producer Jeff Blodgett.

The spot made its debut during the NBA All-Star Weekend on TNT and is airing nationally. It was also produced as a 24p version for cinema release.

About Radium
Founded in 1996 by Jonathan Keeton, Creative Director and award-winning visual effects director, and by Simon Mowbray, Creative Director and one of the founders of Discreet Logic, Radium is a digital visual effects, design, editorial and c.g.i. studio based in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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