Baraka Completes Post Production For Sewn by The Feeling

Baraka Post Production completed the post production on the exciting new debut music video for Sewn by The Feeling directed by talented Director, Caswell Coggins from Draw Pictures.

The treatment called for the lead singer to be literally sewn and stitched up by long living threads that have an ominous life of their own. The sinister animated threads were created by a mixture of 3D effects at Baraka with the rest of the film shot in-camera.

The effects that were shot in camera were created by wrapping many threads around the singers’s bodies and then pulling the threads slowly away. When the shot is reversed, this gives the effect that the threads are engulfing the singer. However, if you play a shot backwards of someone singing, they sing backwards! So Baraka came up with the method of “digitally decapitating” the singer, replacing his backwards-singing head from a reversed take, with a forwards singing version from a different take. The result is completely seamless.

The 3D threads that appear out of the arm of a sofa in the video, were created in Maya by Baraka Head of 3D, Aleksandar Stiglic. The disturbing threads burrow into the sleeve of the singer jacket and we then follow the thread as it crawls under the skin onto his hand, up to his neck and eventually cleverly sewing his lips together.

Marks placed on the singers face and neck were used as a map for tracking the 3D areas as well as for replacing his mouth in the final pull-out revealing the entire band sewn up in threads.

The ‘under-the-skin’ effects which portray threads moving like veins underneath the singer skin were also created by talented Online Editor at Baraka, Eliot Milbourn using Mistika. ‘I used Mistika throughout this project for shot stabilisation, tracking mark removal, compositing the 3D threads, head replacement as well as film dirt removal.’ Explains Eliot Milbourn at Baraka. The main grade was done in Telecine and Mistika was used to master the grade in certain shots and add vignettes, false shadows and vignettes.

The music video is now airing on MTV and featuring on T4 and many other channels.


Post production company: Baraka Post Production
Online Editors at Baraka: Eliot Milbourn
3D Special Effects: Aleksandar Stiglic
Production Company: Draw Pictures
Director: Caswell Coggins
Producer: Draw Pictures

About Baraka
Baraka Post Production Ltd is one of Soho’s leading visual post-production boutique-style facilities specialising in visual effects for high end and prestigious Commercials, Broadcast, Idents, Feature Film, Programmes, Promotions and Music Video projects. Baraka is made up of an accomplished and dedicated creative team of 3D animators, offline editors, producers, designers and online creatives accredited with a host of high profile projects to their name, across a broad range of production disciplines. Two enthusiastic and passionate senior editors, Chris Gilbert from MPC and David Cox from The Mill, founded Baraka almost 10 years ago, with over 30 years of postproduction experience between them. They have been the formidable force behind the company ongoing success within its competitive arena moulding it to what it is today. Baraka prides itself as a post facility offering an exceptional service that is professional, cutting edge and high quality within a warm, comfortable and friendly environment with the client needs in mind. Baraka boasts an array of impressive projects which can be viewed on the website at

Baraka turns 10 years old this year, 2006 is Baraka tenth year celebrating the company success and achievements.

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