POP Sound Mixes 5.1 Spot for Tylenol

POP Sound Mitch Dorf helped to create high drama from some very tiny holes in preparing a 5.1 mix for a new HD and standard def spot for Tylenol.

Sound design, music and voiceover are beautifully woven together in Holes, which promotes the advanced design of Tylenol Rapid Release Gels. A computer-animated product demonstration shows particles escaping through the ‘laser drilled design’ holes in the Tylenol capsule.

Dorf challenge in mixing the spot was to use sound to heighten the ‘drama’ in the dramatization and bring it to life. ‘We wanted the sound to emanate from inside the capsule and burst out,’ recalled Dorf. ‘Sonically, we needed to communicate that the medicine was leaving the confined space of the capsule and rapidly dispersing.’

The music and sound design, created by Musikvergnuegen and Machinehead respectively, were big, bold and imaginatively executed, and provided Dorf with superb material to work with. Weaving them together to create just the right ‘burst,’ said Dorf, ‘was a matter of space and placement, and using the right EQ, balance and reverb. As a result, we were able to make a small space appear to be a much larger space.’

POP Sound is located at 625 Arizona Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90401. For more information, call (310) 458-9192 or visit www.popsound.com.


Agency: Deutsch, New York. Kathy Delaney,

Chief Creative Office: Michael DePirro and Lisa Garrone,

Group Creative Directors: Chris Chao,

Art Director: Betsy Mansfield,

Copywriter: Jim Frame,

Director of Broadcast Production: Guy Williams, Executive Producer; Alison Curtin, Associate Producer.

Production: The Thomas Cobb Group. Thomas Cobb, Director; Dan Schmit, Director of Photography; Andrea Stern, Executive Producer; Michael J. Katz, Producer.

Editorial: The Thomas Cobb Group. Jason Kool, Editor.

Music: Musikvergnuegen. John Luker and Walter Werzowa, composers; Pat Weaver, producer.

Sound Design: Machinehead.

Audio Post: POP Sound, Santa Monica, CA. Mitch Dorf, Mixer.

Visual Effects: Engine Room. Nada Films.

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