Fusion is the tool of ENVY

ENVY, a leading visual effects facility in SOHO, London chooses Fusion as their primary effects application.

ENVY is quickly becoming the largest high-end post facility to emerge from SOHO in recent years. Fully HD-capable and complete with Smokes, DS Nitris systems and a Dolby-approved audio suite environment, ENVY’s co-owners have created a space that is as sleek as their broadcast and effects work.

eyeon visited ENVY to determine how Fusion 5 could fit into their 3D pipeline and complement their workflow. ENVY immediately recognized the potential of Fusion’s unparalleled 3D space and agreed to fully equip their facility with Fusion, making eyeon’s flagship visual effects application the principal compositing system at ENVY Post.

“Fusion is a perfect fit in every suite and we’re very excited to begin working with it. eyeon’s pedigree of A-List productions and dedicated support staff effectively made this an easy decision.”

Dave Cadle, Co-owner and Managing Director, ENVY

“ENVY’s decision to implement Fusion 5 as their primary compositing system is hugely significant and marks another turning point for eyeon in the London post market. The combination of ENVY’s exceptional creative talent and Fusion 5 will produce stunning work in the coming months.”

Tim Doidge, Creative Director, eyeon Europe

eyeon will join ENVY at their launch party on Thursday, April 6th. For additional details, please contact [email protected].

About eyeon Software

eyeon Software is dedicated to providing the best possible solutions for dynamic desktop compositing and pipeline management. Drawing upon expertise in film special effects and commercial broadcast production, eyeon continues to develop innovative tools that maximize project control and minimize creative barriers.

About ENVY

Dave Cadle was the inspiration and main driving force of one of the leading commercial and promo post houses in London. Cadle is recognized in the industry for the gifted talent he recruits and the standards of post he produces, ensuring the same level of expertise and quality production at ENVY.

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