Dimension 3 Goes HD with Bluefish444

Bluefish444, a leader in SD and HD video cards for feature film and broadcast television, announced today that Dimension 3 (www.d3.com), a leading provider of 3D technologies and services, is utilizing Bluefish444’s HD|Lust video card on several 3D projects.

A leader in 3D technologies for over 30 years, Dimension 3 offers products and services for 3D glasses, 3DTV (3D video), 3D film (3D motion picture), 3D art and 3D print media. Its patented 3D video (3DTV) and 3D film production technologies (16mm, 35mm, 65/70mm) are recognized worldwide as unequalled.

Having moved into professional HD after several years of working in SD, Dimension 3 utilized Bluefish444’s HD|Lust on two recent projects: “Night Of The Living Dead 3D” and “The Stewardesses 3D”.

Slated for a 4th quarter 2006 release, “Night of the Living Dead 3D” is both an homage and re-imagining of the 1968 film. While the 3D process, trade named Natural Vision, is based on the anaglyph principle (red/blue glasses), it has been demonstrated to be vastly superior to the older process that Robert Rodriguez’s “Spy Kids” movies were released in. For filming, Dimension 3 built two custom lightweight dual, HDV 3D cameras and filmed out to 35mm. The film features extensive handheld and Steadicam shots, a first in 3D films. In addition, real-time 3D monitoring was utilized on the set.

Dimension 3 recently restored the highly successful 1970 3D film, The Stewardesses, and did an HD transfer from the camera negative. The result is that the film looks better than when originally released. The HD version will be released on HD DVD before the end of 2006.

After investigating a number of products on the market, Dimension 3 decided upon Bluefish444’s HD|Lust for its robust feature set and integration with Dimension 3’s current technology.

Daniel Symmes, CEO, states: “We wanted to work with a product that had a minimal learning curve, and we found it with the HD|Lust. We were up and running almost out of the box. Use of the HD|Lust is transparent. Bluefish444 is continually adding new features, and their technical support is beyond anything we’ve ever experienced. We have yet to see any other product that compares, especially with regard to tech support and willingness to incorporate client suggestions! And Bluefish’s local dealer, Bill Beeman of Powerwand, went above and beyond the call of duty; he’s the best.”

He continues, “HD is it. We’re in it with the best tools, and can now do things we dared not dream of only a couple of years ago. As we move forward with HD projects, we will continue to work with Bluefish444 products and are looking forward to incorporating their new Catalyst card into our workflow.”

About Bluefish444:

Bluefish444 is a division and brand name of Digital Voodoo (Australia) Pty Ltd. based in S. Melbourne, Australia. It is a leading supplier of uncompressed video cards for the Windows operating systems. Its video cards are used by a number of OEMs specializing in broadcast solutions. By continuing to work with workstation vendors and resellers, Bluefish444 has made it easier for end-users to purchase off the shelf Windows based editing, animation and compositing solutions making sure that the hardware is optimized for SD and HD solutions.

For more information on Bluefish444, please visit the Bluefish444 website www.bluefish444.com or www.bluefish444europe.com.

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