iO Film Masters DI with Bluefish444

Bluefish444, a leader in SD and HD video cards for feature films and broadcast television, announced today that iO Film, a leading post facility in Hollywood, is utilizing Bluefish444’s HD|Fury and HD|Lust cards for its HD mastering and acquisition needs.

iO Film is a post-production facility specializing in digital intermediates. Its service offerings include digital intermediates, 2K and 4K film scanning, film recording, visual effects, titles and digital opticals, and custom image solutions.

iO Film has utilized Bluefish’s HD Fury card to do the HD masters for such movies as “Crash”, which won the 2006 Academy Award(r) for Best Picture, “Green Street Hooligans”, and “The Celestine Prophecy”, which is being released on April 21st, 2006.

iO Film purchased the HD|Lust specifically for a government DARPA project titled “The Future of Augmented Condition”, and has since then utilized it on feature films “Tenth & Wolf”, “Supercross” and “Neverwas”.

For the DARPA project, iO Film needed to playback uncompressed 444 & frame accurately control the Qvis acuity server (which is 444) for digital cinema playback, so footage was laid off to that. The project was shot on the Viper, played back through the HD|Lust and output to the 444 Qvis server. “The Future of Augmented Condition” was shown in D-Cinema presentations in Las Vegas.

iO Film utilizes the Bluefish444 cards to play back dpx files uncompressed. The Bluefish444 products, in conjunction with Bluefish444’s Symmetry application, provide a flexible full performance solution at an excellent price point. In addition, the Nucoda film mastering systems, of which iO Film has four, incorporates Bluefish444 video cards, thereby offering a seamless solution for iO Film’s DI needs.

Adam Hawkey, Senior Digital Colorist, iO Film, states, “I’ve used Bluefish cards for all our HD mastering and acquisition needs for over three years. For the price, flexibility, performance and ease of use, Bluefish can’t be beat.”

Bluefish444 is a division and brand name of Digital Voodoo (Australia) Pty Ltd. based in S. Melbourne, Australia. It is a leading supplier of uncompressed video cards for the Windows operating systems. Its video cards are used by a number of OEMs specializing in broadcast and post-production solutions. By continuing to work with workstation vendors and resellers, Bluefish444 has made it easier for end-users to purchase off the shelf Windows based editing, animation and compositing solutions making sure that the hardware is optimized for SD and HD solutions. For more information on Bluefish444, please visit the Bluefish444 website

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