Cups ‘N Strings Moves to Expanded Headquarters

Cups ‘N Strings Studios, launched in 2002, has relocated nearby to a newly expanded facility designed to accommodate growth and diversification. The studio continues as a full service Santa Monica recording center — featuring voiceovers, surround mixing, mastering, post-production, as well as restoration and archiving to a variety of analog and digital formats.

Adjacent within the new facility is DNS Digital Post, which has formed a strategic alliance with Cups ‘N Strings. DNS offers both offline and online TV and film post-production, featuring the Avid Symphony with real-time color correction, plus Sapphire visual effects and Boris motion graphics. Three additional Avid bays are available for rental or with DNS staff editors.

“Basically, we can now offer true one-stop video and audio post,” explained Bruce Maddocks, Cups ‘N Strings founder and chief engineer. “DNS can prepare all video assets offline, assemble edit lists, pull the shots together and then Cups can add any voiceovers, other sound elements, and prepare the audio mix. Then DNS does the online work, color correction, audio layback, and final output.”

“With Cups ‘N Strings right down the hallway, we eliminate messengering tapes back and forth across town for audio fixes,” remarked Doug Nolan, DNS owner/editor. “This can literally save days on a project with a tight deadline. We are also fully networked here for easy and instantaneous swapping of files.”

Maddocks adds, “The client can have an entire project completed here very efficiently and once finished, we can upload everything to our FTP site through our T1 lines, or deliver by traditional overnight services or couriers.”

Utilizing his 30-year experience as chief engineer at top studios nationwide, Maddocks’ studio combines the best of cutting edge digital technology with vintage analog gear, providing a critical listening environment and the tools for today’s high resolution production and post-production.

Cups ‘N Strings new info:
3025 Olympic Blvd., Suite 400
Santa Monica, CA 90404
tel 310.453.1615
email: [email protected]

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