DeepMix Catches A Ride On The Love Train with Coors

DeepMix, a unique, award-winning music design company based in Hollywood that specializes in the melding of the music and advertising industries, has revealed its upcoming and most recent projects. The announcement was made today by Dave Curtin, co-founder, DeepMix.

On behalf of client Carol H. Williams Advertising, DeepMix has recorded a remix of the legendary hit song ‘Love Train’ by The O’sJays, for a new, upcoming, 30-second Coors Light spot entitled ‘Block Party.’ DJ Lethal performed the ‘Love Train’ re-mix. Lethal is best known for his work as a scratch master DJ for House of Pain and Limp Bizkit.

In ‘Block Party,’ an inner city neighborhood is sweltering in the summer heat, until an enterprising young man plugs his iPod into a boombox. The remixed version of ‘Love Train’ comes blasting through, and suddenly, the Coors Light ‘Silver Bullet’ train, which had earlier appeared on a billboard, races through the street. Everyone in sight starts to dance, and drinks a cold Coors Light beer, as we read the end slogan: ‘Taste the Cold.’

Recently working with artist Junkie XL, Curtin and DeepMix recorded a remix of the classic T-Rex single ‘Bang A Gong,’ for a JCPenney spot that broke during the Academy Awards telecast. The 60-second spot, entitled ‘Serendipity,’ was for DeepMix client DDB/Chicago. Junkie XL originally gained a great degree of popularity for his well known, 2002 Elvis Presley re-mix, ‘A Little Less Conversation.’

The day following the Oscars telecast, New York Times advertising columnist Stuart Elliott cited ‘Serendipity’ as his pick for the ‘Oscars TV Commercial featuring the Best Adapted Song.’ In his column, he said, ‘This commercial, intended to demonstrate that JCPenney sells stylish men clothing, featured a remix of ?‚àö√ë‚àö‚â§Bang A Gong/Get it On,’s originally by the glam-metal band T. Rex.’

In ‘Serendipity,’ a series of very beautiful young women parade through town, wearing colorful and sexy clothes that were purchased at JCPenney. As they walk, they catch the eye of every young man around, many of whom appear to fall in love at first sight. The tagline reads: ‘You’sve Got It Inside’ and then ‘It All Inside: JCPenney.’

Curtin also announced that ntitled ‘Ipanema 5-0,’ by Ruisort. The other spot, entitled ‘Sweeter,’ is an entirely DeepMix has recently supplied music to two newly debuted, 15-second TV spots, both for Wal-Mart, working with GSD&M. The spots were both created under Wal-Mart slogan ‘Look Beyond the Basics.’ One of the spots, entitled ‘Hotter,’ included a licensed tune from DeepMix eoriginal track which was produced by DJ Lethal.

In ‘Hotter,’ a woman who entered a Wal-Mart store to purchase chips and salsa, sits on her outdoor patio/fire-pit furniture, which she also obviously bought while there. In the spot ‘Sweeter Lethal,’ a family sits on their living room couch, enjoying Hershey candy bars, and watching a large screen plasma TV set, both of which were purchased at Wal-Mart.

DeepMix Production Credits:

‘Block Party’:
Artist: DJ Lethal — Remix of O’sJay ‘Love Train’
Client: Coors Light
Advertiser: Carol H. Williams Advertising
Executive Music Producer: Dave Curtin
Producer: Annie Uzdavinis
Carleton Taylor ?Äì Creative Director
Marcus Cross ?Äì Associate Creative Director
Marcus Taylor – Copywriter

Artist: Junkie XL — ‘Bang a Gong (Get It On)’ Re-mix
Client: JC Penny
Advertiser: DDB Chicago Inc.
Executive Music Producer: Dave Curtin
Producers: Joy Carson
Paul Brourman – Group Creative Director
Becky Kozlen – Creative Director
Kathy Petrauskas – Art Director
Frank Oles, Allen Rubens, Susie Axelbaum ?Äì Copywriters
David Cornell ?Äì Director
Frank Flick – Director of Photography
Headquarters РLA, Filmsmiths ?√Ñ√¨ Australia, Production Company/Location
Liz Tate Second Editor ?√Ñ√¨ Graham Metzger РEditor
Avenue Edit- CHI – Editorial House:
Russel Masters, Fanatic Films- Australia – Special Effects

Artist: Ruisort — ‘Ipanema 5-0’
Artist: DJ Lethal — Original Track
Client for both ‘Hotter’ and ‘Sweeter’: Wal-Mart
Advertiser: GSD&M
Executive Music Supervisor: Dave Curtin
Assistant Music Producer: Nate Fisher-Shaffer
Producer: Rita Ribera
Brent Ladd and Steve Miller – Group Creative Directors
Ralph Yznaga and Carlotta Stankiewicz – Creative Directors
Jesus Felix – Associate Creative Director
Kristen Livolsi – Writer

About DeepMix:
Founded in Hollywood in 2002 by music and advertising industry veterans Dave Curtin and Brad Colerick, DeepMix is a uniquely positioned creative company that provides commercial and film music supervision; creates and delivers original music utilizing artists, producers, DJs and re-mixers from across the music spectrum; and supplies existing library tracks, to film, television, and multi-media clients and projects. The company also delivers music for soundtracks, music-branded CDs, and other niche products.

According to its founders, DeepMix is a ‘hybrid company’ that melds the worlds of music and advertising, while also offering clients research capabilities and the custom design of original music for any medium. Curtin and Colerick have established powerful relationships with executives in advertising, music and film, as well as with musical artists across all genres. The company also has developed strong contacts with music publishers and record labels.

Since its founding, DeepMix has worked with such major clients as HP, Nissan, Bacardi, Budweiser, Coors Light, and HBO. Musical artists with whom DeepMix has worked include such notables as The Greenskeepers, The Bellrays, Rachael Yamagata, B.B. King, Shawn Colvin, and L.L. Cool J.

DeepMix is located at 6255 Sunset Blvd., # 1024, Hollywood, CA, 90028.
The phone is 323/769-3500 and the web is

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